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The Olympics: Unveiling Police State 2.0 -- Signs of the Times News

The Olympics: Unveiling Police State 2.0 -- Signs of the Times News: ""

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Club of Rome

(Committee of 300 subversive body)

This group was organized in 1968 by the Morgenthau Group for the purpose of accelerating the plans to have the New World Order in place by the year 2000. The Club of Rome developed a plan to divide the world into ten regions or kingdoms.

In 1976, the United States Association of the Club of Rome (USACOR) was formed for the purpose of shutting down the U.S. economy gradually. The Technetronic Era Henry Kissinger was then, and still is, an important agent in the service of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a member of the Club of Rome and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Kissinger's role in destabilizing the United States by means of three wars, the Middle East, Korea and Vietnam, is well known, as is his role in the Gulf War, in which the U.S. Army acted as mercenaries for the Committee of 300 in bringing Kuwait back under its control and at the same time making an example out of Iraq so that other small nations would not be tempted to work out their own destiny. The Club of Rome, acting on Committee of 300 orders to eliminate General ul Haq, had no compunction in sacrificing the lives of a number of U.S. servicemen on board the flight, including a U.S. Army Defense Intelligence Agency group headed by Brigadier General Herber Wassom. General ul Haq had been warned by the Turkish Secret Service not to travel by plane, as he was targeted for a mid-air bombing. With this in mind, ul Haq took the United States team with him as "an insurance policy," as he commented to his inner circle advisors.

Club of Rome and its financiers under the title of the German Marshall Fund were two highly-organized conspiratorial bodies operating under cover of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and that the majority of Club of Rome executives were drawn from NATO. The Club of Rome formulated all of what NATO claimed as its policies and, through the activities of Committee of 300 member Lord Carrington, was able to split NATO into two factions, a political (left wing) power group and its former military alliance. The Club of Rome is still one of the most important foreign policy arms of the Committee of 300, and the other being the Bilderbergers. It was put together in 1968 from hard-core members of the original Morgenthau group on the basis of a telephone call made by the late Aurellio Peccei for a new and urgent drive to speed up the plans of the One World Government now called the New World Order. Peccei's call was answered by the most subversive "future planners" drawn from the United States, France, Sweden, Britain, Switzerland and Japan that could be mustered.

During the period 1968-1972, The Club of Rome became a cohesive entity of new-science scientists, Globalist, future planners and inter- nationalists of every stripe. As one delegate put it, "We became Joseph's Coat of Many Colors." Peccei's book "Human Quality" formed the basis of the doctrine adopted by NATO's political wing. Peccei headed the Atlantic Institute's Economic Council for three decades while he was the Chief Executive Officer for Giovanni Agnellis' Fiat Motor Company. Agnelli, a member of an ancient Italian Black Nobility family of the same name, is one of the most important members of the Committee of 300. He played a leading role in development projects in the Soviet Union.

The Club of Rome is a conspiratorial umbrella organization, a marriage between Anglo-American financiers and the old Black Nobility families of Europe, particularly the so-called "nobility" of London, Venice and Genoa. The key to the successful control of the world is their ability to create and manage savage economic recessions and eventual depressions. The Committee of 300 looks to social convulsions on a global scale, followed by depressions, as a softening-up technique for bigger things to come, as its principal method of creating masses of people all over the world who will become its "welfare" recipients of the future.

The committee appears to base much of its important decisions affecting mankind on the philosophy of Polish aristocrat, Felix Dzerzinski, who regarded mankind as being slightly above the level of cattle. As a close friend of British intelligence agent Sydney Reilly (Reilly was actually Dzerzinski's controller during the Bolshevik Revolution's formative years), he often confided in Reilly during his drinking bouts. Dzerzinski was, of course, the beast who ran the Red Terror apparatus. He once told Reilly, while the two were on a drinking binge, that "Man is of no importance. Look at what happens when you starve him. He begins to eat his dead companions to stay alive. Man is only interested in his own survival. That is all that counts.

All the Spinoza stuff is a lot of rubbish." With regard to the Third World, the Club of Rome's Harland Cleveland prepared a report which was the height of cynicism. At the time, Cleveland was United States Ambassador to NATO. Essentially, the paper said it would be up to Third World nations to decide among themselves which populations should be eliminated. As Peccei later wrote (based on the Cleveland Report): "Damaged by conflicting policies of three major countries and blocs, roughly patched up here and there, the existing international economic order is visibly coming apart at the seams....The prospect of the necessity of the recourse to triage deciding who must be saved is a very grim one indeed. But, if lamentably, events should come to such a pass, the right to make such decisions cannot be left to just a few nations because it would lend themselves to ominous power over life of the world's hungry."
Massive US Naval Armada Heads for Iran

Timothy Alexander – August 8, 2008

Operation Brimstone ended only one week ago. This was the joint US/UK/French naval war games in the Atlantic Ocean preparing for a naval blockade of Iran and the likely resulting war in the Persian Gulf area. The massive war games included a US Navy supercarrier battle group, an US Navy expeditionary carrier battle group, a Royal Navy carrier battle group, a French nuclear hunter-killer submarine plus a large number of US Navy cruisers, destroyers and frigates playing the "enemy force".

The lead American ship in these war games, the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71) and its Carrier Strike Group Two (CCSG-2) are now headed towards Iran along with the USS Ronald Reagon (CVN76) and its Carrier Strike Group Seven (CCSG-7) coming from Japan.

Northrop X47b UCAS's over the Operation Brimstone flotilla

They are joining two existing USN battle groups in the Gulf area: the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN72) with its Carrier Strike Group Nine (CCSG-9); and the USS Peleliu (LHA-5) with its expeditionary strike group.

Likely also under way towards the Persian Gulf is the USS Iwo Jima (LHD-7) and its expeditionary strike group, the UK Royal Navy HMS Ark Royal (R07) carrier battle group, assorted French naval assets including the nuclear hunter-killer submarine Amethyste and French Naval Rafale fighter jets on-board the USS Theodore Roosevelt. These ships took part in the just completed Operation Brimstone.

The build up of naval forces in the Gulf will be one of the largest multi-national naval armadas since the First and Second Gulf Wars. The intent is to create a US/EU naval blockade (which is an Act of War under international law) around Iran (with supporting air and land elements) to prevent the shipment of benzene and certain other refined oil products headed to Iranian ports. Iran has limited domestic oil refining capacity and imports 40% of its benzene. Cutting off benzene and other key products would cripple the Iranian economy. The neo-cons are counting on such a blockade launching a war with Iran.

The US Naval forces being assembled include the following:

Carrier Strike Group Nine
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN72) nuclear powered supercarrier
with its Carrier Air Wing Two
Destroyer Squadron Nine:
USS Mobile Bay (CG53) guided missile cruiser
USS Russell (DDG59) guided missile destroyer
USS Momsen (DDG92) guided missile destroyer
USS Shoup (DDG86) guided missile destroyer
USS Ford (FFG54) guided missile frigate
USS Ingraham (FFG61) guided missile frigate
USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG60) guided missile frigate
USS Curts (FFG38) guided missile frigate
Plus one or more nuclear hunter-killer submarines

Peleliu Expeditionary Strike Group
USS Peleliu (LHA-5) a Tarawa-class amphibious assault carrier
USS Pearl Harbor (LSD52) assult ship
USS Dubuque (LPD8) assult ship/landing dock
USS Cape St. George (CG71) guided missile cruiser
USS Halsey (DDG97) guided missile destroyer
USS Benfold (DDG65) guided missile destroyer

Carrier Strike Group Two
USS Theodore Roosevelt (DVN71) nuclear powered supercarrier
with its Carrier Air Wing Eight
Destroyer Squadron 22
USS Monterey (CG61) guided missile cruiser
USS Mason (DDG87) guided missile destroyer
USS Nitze (DDG94) guided missile destroyer
USS Sullivans (DDG68) guided missile destroyer

USS Springfield (SSN761) nuclear powered hunter-killer submarine

IWO ESG ~ Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group
USS Iwo Jima (LHD7) amphibious assault carrier
with its Amphibious Squadron Four
and with its 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit
USS San Antonio (LPD17) assault ship
USS Velia Gulf (CG72) guided missile cruiser
USS Ramage (DDG61) guided missile destroyer
USS Carter Hall (LSD50) assault ship
USS Roosevelt (DDG80) guided missile destroyer

USS Hartfore (SSN768) nuclear powered hunter-killer submarine

Carrier Strike Group Seven
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN76) nuclear powered supercarrier
with its Carrier Air Wing 14
Destroyer Squadron 7
USS Chancellorsville (CG62) guided missile cruiser
USS Howard (DDG83) guided missile destroyer
USS Gridley (DDG101) guided missile destroyer
USS Decatur (DDG73) guided missile destroyer
USS Thach (FFG43) guided missile frigate
USNS Rainier (T-AOE-7) fast combat support ship

Also likely to join the battle armada:

UK Royal Navy HMS Ark Royal Carrier Strike Group with assorted guided missile destroyers and frigates, nuclear hunter-killer submarines and support ships

French Navy nuclear powered hunter-killer submarines (likely the Amethyste and perhaps others), plus French Naval Rafale fighter jets operating off of the USS Theodore Roosevelt as the French Carrier Charles de Gaulle is in dry dock, and assorted surface warships

Various other US Navy warships and submarines and support ships. The following USN ships took part (as the "enemy" forces) in Operation Brimstone and several may join in:

USS San Jacinto (CG56) guided missile cruiser
USS Anzio (CG68) guided missile cruiser
USS Normandy (CG60) guided missile cruiser
USS Carney (DDG64) guided missile destroyer
USS Oscar Austin (DDG79) guided missile destroyer
USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG81) guided missile destroyer
USS Carr (FFG52) guided missile frigate

The USS Iwo Jima and USS Peleliu Expeditionary Strike Groups have USMC Harrier jump jets and an assortment of assault and attack helicopters. The Expeditionary Strike Groups have powerful USMC Expeditionary Units with amphibious armor and ground forces trained for operating in shallow waters and in seizures of land assets, such as Qeshm Island (a 50 mile long island off of Bandar Abbas in the Gulf of Hormuz and headquarters of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps).

The large and very advanced nature of the US Naval warships is not only directed at Iran. There is a great fear that Russia and China may oppose the naval and air/land blockade of Iran. If Russian and perhaps Chinese naval warships escort commercial tankers to Iran in violation of the blockade it could be the most dangerous at-sea confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The US and allied Navies, by front loading a Naval blockade force with very powerful guided missile warships and strike carriers is attempting to have a force so powerful that Russia and China will not be tempted to mess with. This is a most serious game of military brinkmanship with major nuclear armed powers that have profound objections to the neo-con grand strategy and to western control of all of the Middle East's oil supply.

The Russian Navy this spring sent a major battle fleet into the Mediterranean headed by the modern aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov and the flagship of its Black Sea Fleet, the Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser Moskva. This powerful fleet has at least 11 surface ships and unknown numbers of subs and can use the Russian naval facility at Syria's Tartous port for resupply. The Admiral Kuznetsov carries approximately 47 warplanes and 10 helicopters. The warplanes are mostly the powerful Su-33, a naval version (with mid-air refueling capability) of the Su-27 family. While the Su-33 is a very powerful warplane it lacks the power of the stealth USAF F-22. However, the Russians insist that they have developed a plasma based system that allows them to stealth any aircraft and a recent incident where Russian fighters were able to appear unannounced over a US Navy carrier battle group tends to confirm their claims. The Su-33 can be armed with the 3M82 Moskit sea-skimming missile (NATO code name SS-N-22 Sunburn) and the even more powerful P-800 Oniks (also named Yakhonts; NATO code name SS-N-26 Onyx). Both missiles are designed to kill US Navy supercarriers by getting past the cruiser/destroyer screen and the USN point-defense Phalanx system by using high supersonic speeds and violent end maneuvers. Russian subs currently use the underwater rocket VA-111 Shkval (Squall), which is fired from standard 533mm torpedo tubes and reaches a speed of 360kph (230mph) underwater. There is no effective countermeasures to this system and no western counterpart.

A strategic diversion has been created for Russia. The Republic of Georgia, with US backing, is actively preparing for war on South Ossetia. The South Ossetia capital has been shelled and a large Georgian tank force has been heading towards the border. Russia has stated that it will not sit by and allow the Georgians to attack South Ossetia. The Russians are great chess players and this game may not turn out so well for the neo-cons.

Kuwait has activated its "Emergency War Plan" as it and other Gulf nations prepare for the likelihood of a major regional war in the Middle East involving weapons of mass destruction.

The two-ton elephant in the living room of the neo-con strategy is the advanced biowar (ABW) that Iran, and to a lessor extent Syria, has. This places the motherlands of the major neo-con nations (America, France, the United Kingdom), as well as Israel, in grave danger. When the Soviet Union fell the Iranians hired as many out-of-work former Soviet advanced biowar experts as possible. In the last 15 or so years they have helped to develop a truly world class ABW program utilizing recombination DNA genetic engineering technology to create a large number of man made killer viruses. This form of weapon system does not require high tech military delivery systems. The viruses are sub-microscopic and once seeded in a population use the population itself as vectors. Seeding can be done without notice in shopping malls, churches, and other public places. The only real defense to an advanced global strategic biowar attack is to lock down the population as rapidly as possible and let those infected die off.

Unless the public gets it act together and forces the neo-cons to stop the march to yet another war in the Middle East we are apt to see a truly horrific nightmare unfold in OUR COUNTRIES.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vision 2015: Consolidation of Intelligence Into Global Intel Network

by Michael Vail

Global Research, August 6, 2008

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“By 2015, a globally networked Intelligence Enterprise will be essential to meet the demands for greater forethought and improved strategic agility. The existing agency-centric Intelligence Community must evolve into a true Intelligence Enterprise established on a collaborative foundation of shared services, mission-centric operations, and integrated mission management, all enabled by a smooth flow of people, ideas, and activities across the boundaries of the Intelligence Community agency members.” – Mike McConnell(DNI)[1]

The Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and The Council on Foreign Relations has made public a twenty eight page document called ‘Vision 2015’ which outlines a plan to integrate the entire United States intelligence network into a global intelligence community. Unsurprisingly there are many in the 16 intelligence agencies that support this project. At this very moment there is in-fighting between our own intelligence agencies, also currently there are problems between the CIA and Pakistani ISI. So how are they going to resolve these issues that have existed for decades?

“Old problems assume new dimensions: information operations with emphasis on a cyber domain, asymmetric political or military responses, and illicit trafficking. Lastly, we confront the challenge of acting in an environment that is more time-sensitive and open to the flow of information, in which intelligence sources and analysis compete in a public context established by a global media. By 2015 we will need integrated and collaborative capabilities that can anticipate and rapidly respond to a wide array of threats and risks.” –Mike McConnell(DNI)

According to the existing protocols they will integrate and patch up the problems as they emerge. This is the Achilles heel of globalism, and we have seen time after time how calamity comes forth and brings globalism to a standstill. And nations that were fully globalized begin to act in their own interests which is the nature of the beast. This mammoth global intelligence project has been under wraps for some time and now the NGOs, members of elite academia and think tanks are going to unveil it in front of our eyes as if it was a brand new concept.

“Our analytic professionals will collaborate with world-class experts in academe, commercial interests, and think tanks, all with similar knowledge and personal networks. Deep expertise will require broad access to open source information, our unique collection results, and a network of outside experts. Our understanding of the breadth and depth of policy intelligence doctrine, and global situational awareness must match the depth of our analyses.” –Mike McConnell(DNI)

Our world has slowly been globalized from the economic sector to health, wealth and trade. They have taken the power from we the people and placed it in unelected non-governmental organizations which has led to heights of corruption never seen before. The direct and after effects of the IMF[2], WTO[3] and WHO[4] are well known but just imagine the power and influence that will be wielded by those who will control our spy satellites and command intelligence forces around the world. Will there be increased domestic spying on citizens who fight against globalism? More importantly will all of our intelligence capabilities be controlled from outside the and will there be foreign Intel forces operating in ?

“By 2015, the Intelligence Community will be expected to provide more details about more issues to more customers. We anticipate different types of customers — with greater expectations — and new demands to change the basic engagement model by which we serve them. “

“To carry out its mission in an increasingly turbulent and complex global environment, the Intelligence Enterprise must enhance capabilities to evaluate global risks affecting our national security. Greater systems interconnectedness increases the need to identify vulnerabilities emerging at the nexus of multiple systems (e.g., critical information infrastructures, disruptions in energy supplies, fragile financial markets, and climate change-related spread of diseases) and the potential for multiple, simultaneous crises. Global awareness and strategic foresight will provide the response to these challenges, linking methods for strategic forecasting and assessment of systems vulnerabilities in constantly renewed communities of diverse expertise and insight. “ –Mike McConnell(DNI)

The intelligence agencies which provide geopolitical statistical data and analysis increasingly have to compete with multinational corporations who have former high-level military generals on staff making six figure salaries. Booz Allen Hamilton[5], Blackwater Worldwide[6], SAIC[7] and others have Intel analysts who have been providing services to not only the NSA, NGA, and NRO but also to foreign governments. These multilateral corporations offer their services to the highest bidder. Everything is for sale in this global economy.

“The opportunity now exists to tap into a vastly larger amount of expertise than was previously available to intelligence. However, this will require working from a very different paradigm from that which characterized much of our Cold War history. The key features of that traditional paradigm were: secrets; classified channels of information flows; a focus on a few hard targets (e.g., the Soviet Union, other so-called “denied area” Communist Bloc countries, their military forces and technologies and other observables); very limited contact with outside experts who were almost always US citizens; and focus on key facts and finished intelligence products.

The new paradigm, in contrast, will focus on “open source” information and reach out to a wide variety of experts who are non-intelligence professionals drawn from different sectors and often non-Americans.” –Roger Z. George(CIA)[8]

Globalization dissolves our borders, strips us of our independence and renders us dependant on unstable nations for our daily bread and clothes on our backs. From top to bottom every sector of our government is going under the influence of foreigners. Globalization should be a dirty word if you look at our world from a larger perspective. This should be a stark example for anyone who would rely on this government for the protection of their life and liberty. The only way to survive in this new dark age of global governance is to become self reliant. Let’s establish our own intelligence network on and off the internet.

"The only thing worth globalising is dissent", Arundati Roy


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Global Research Articles by Michael Vail

Wednesday, August 6
Zionism; a pernicious virus and World Problem.

Dr. Ivins is dead. I guess that’s all we really know. Although it is widely reported that Dr. Philip Zack, a more credible source for the stolen anthrax, is a Zionist Jew, we now see reports that he is a Catholic (see the bottom of the article for the writer’s strange arguments for why Philip Zack is a Catholic). Apparently the fact that he is a member of a particular Catholic church and got married in a Methodist church is all the proof one needs. I think you will find this portion of the article as amusing as did I. You will note the headline that accompanies the article.

I’ve been reading that there are kiosks in malls around the U.S. you can get a lot of information on this by using a search engine. They are selling everything from bad art to skin lotions. The Jewish Journal has quite an article on them. When you look at the membership of PNAC and any list of Neo-cons and when you look at who heads up a number of the main departments at Homeland Security you find mostly Zionist Jews. When you look at who pushed for the Iraq War and who is pushing for an attack on Iran you come up with a preponderance of Zionist Jews. Five Israelis were found celebrating the assault on the WTC. How did they know?

It’s well beyond strange at this point. How is it that Zionist American and Israeli Jews are connected to so many things involving murders, single and plural? How is it that the same Israeli security firm was in charge of all 9/11 airports as well as the London Tube and the Madrid train station at the time of the attacks? What’s the story with Odigo and Promis software? Why does it all track back to Israel? Understand that I could add much, much more from Larry Silverstein to the curious locations of Olmert and Netanyahu on certain significant dates. Two things seem apparent, thinking or talking about these things is anti-Semitic and whatever happened was mere coincidence and Israel should probably get more money and guns for being associated with unbearable coincidences.

When you look at who controls the world media and much of the entertainment industry; when you look at who is behind the banks that are euphemistically called the ‘Federal’ Reserve; when you look at the identity of the Russian oligarchs and their London operations and when you look at the endless list of ancillary connections across the globe it becomes apparent you should look under your bed too because there is likely a Zionist there as well.

If you are a person who weighs evidence and uses reason and logic. If you are a person who believes that, quite often, where there is smoke there is fire. If you are a person who believes that hundreds of coincidences remove your conclusions from the area of coincidence, then it becomes crystal clear that the tag of anti-Semitism was created to counter one coming to conclusions based on informed research when that research continuously turns up the same group of people in relation to global criminal operations.

Now we have Alexander Solzhenitsyn pointing out that two thirds of the Cheka members who murdered tens of millions of Russians were… yeah, you guessed it. Then, maybe you notice the wording of the article and the tippy toeing about that is de rigueur for any discussion on the matter. It turns out that the number of people murdered makes the Holocaust Industry victims bigger killers than victims. You can’t talk about these things, even though I am. Even if you are Solzhenitsyn, they are going to say about you what is said about him in the article just mentioned. It’s clear beyond clear what is happening. Somehow, some collection of some tiny percent of the world’s population is and has been wreaking havoc around the globe for a long time.

Nothing that I have said here can be refuted or contested. The meaning of these things can be obfuscated and argued about but the things themselves are real. What is the world going to do about this? I don’t know the answer to that.

Then you have things like this. It seems that a person is left in a precarious situation when engaged in the study of this subject. They can go where the truth leads them and reap ignominy and censure. They can be imprisoned for saying things that the evidence affirms. They avoid the truth of the affair and kiss the hands of their oppressors. They can run from the room any time the affair is mentioned. They can continue to graze like the beasts of the field upon ever diminishing forage or they could just kill themselves by shooting themselves in the back of the head five or six times.

It isn’t just the things that I have mentioned here. It is the enormous amount of evidence that could not be contained in a single book, much less a brief essay like this. I guess the thing is to find some place that they don’t want and try to live under the radar while they enslave and lay waste to the world. Just about everyone slides away from the subject. Just about everyone zips their mouth. Just about everyone has lied to themselves about what is real and what is not in order to survive beneath the hobnailed boot of history’s slavemasters; speaking of which I guess I don’t have to mention who a large percentage of the owners of the slave ships turn out to be according to the records of the times.

So it appears that those who have told the truth are libeled and slandered and also correct in what they say. It turns out that Louis Farrakhan is correct in what he says. It turns out that a large portion of those accused of being anti-Semitic were really just guilty of telling the truth; not that anyone was listening. It seems that their greatest crime was against themselves and their families for not having had the good sense to keep their mouths shut. Bertrand Russell and the rest of them should have just closed their eyes and worked to blame others for the crimes of those for whom it is a crime to speak about.

Now the Palestinians are being systematically abused and tortured, make homeless, thrown from the roofs of buildings while celebrating a wedding at their home, shot, stabbed, beaten and tormented while the world turns its head. It sickens me. You, the willfully blind sicken me more. Your cowardice sickens me. Your complicity with these ruthless killers sickens me.

What I have said here is so. I wish it were not so. I wish it were not so that a certain percentage of the world’s smallest population was not the worlds and the truths most aggressive enemy. I wish there were some way to end this but that is the nature of the world. Those whose love of money and power exceeds any human constraints on behavior are those who possess the greatest amount of money and power because they desire it more than anyone else and are not hobbled, like you, by the possession of a conscience. While systematically raping the world and its people they paint themselves as humanities benefactors. While enslaving the world they paint themselves as its liberators. While lying, as a beloved avocation, they paint themselves as defenders of the truth. While pretending to do one thing they accomplish the other. What they say and do have no connection to one another except for contrast. What they say they are is the opposite of what they really are.

I do not know what will come as the movie plays out before us. I know that evil destroys itself and the sooner the better. My thoughts are with you who know the truth of what I have said. For the rest of you, this is a dream that just came and went and your participation and recollection of your life will scatter in the wind the way leaves are tossed on a windy street, turning in time, back to the common earth from which they came.

In a few days I will be on the road and unable to post your comments for a couple of days. I may not write again for awhile. I’m not sure that what I have to say makes much of a difference in any case. Thank you for your fine commentary and for the time we spent together. I don’t know what lies ahead. We will have to wait and see.

It Always Breaks Your Heart

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Connecting the Dots: A New Cold War Meets Chinese Lanterns Flying in the Wind of Change -- Signs of the Times News

Connecting the Dots: A New Cold War Meets Chinese Lanterns Flying in the Wind of Change -- Signs of the Times News: ""