Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SPP Really Means Securing
Permanent Privatization
Jim Kirwan

This is a political strike at the very heart of society that is an outrage against sovereignty, democracy and the true national interests of all three countries involved-is called SPP. They say the letters stand for:

The Security, Prosperity Partnership of North America.

In fact herein "Security" stands for Lockdown: "Prosperity" stands for permanent privatization of all natural and commercial resources and the permanent destruction of all the workers rights to any share in that 'prosperity.' The "partnership" is actually an agreement between the International Corporatocracy to devour everything that can be sold, and to do it in the name of three 'nations' that will cease to exist once this agreement is formally accepted-without even consulting the populations of the nations that were once thought to be sovereign states.

This is the culmination of efforts that began when Roosevelt Outlawed the Robber-Barons, and instituted in their place some new rights for people and workers in the long history of the struggle for both individual rights and equality when dealing with the extremely rich and powerful. From the 'New Deal' forward the elite consolidated power and settled on using the powers inherent in corporations to accomplish their return to power. As their corporate power grew the major players became larger than most nation-states: these military-industrial-political giants then evolved into what we call today the Corporatocracy.

This phenomenon got its ideological start under the ruthless savagery of Henry A. Kissinger when he was US Secretary of State. His track record proved that states could be used to further corporate and private profits without the need for oversight. All any real player need do was to buy the country in question: failing that, one simply overthrew the leadership, with the help of the already corrupted US foreign policy. Then the new owners just sat back and raked in the profits. Of course there was always an opposition, but death squads were formed to murder and terrorize all who opposed this newly minted privatization. Remember Chile, the Iran-Contra scandals, and all the other conflicted war-games that we played in so many places around the globe. In fact the most recent of these games resulted in the bombing of Afghanistan, planned long before 911. The bombings were not about the Taliban but about a Unocal oil pipeline, that needed to be secured. (1)

These practices are what have brought the International Corporatocracy to this Ultra-Secret threshold for absolute control over every aspect of North American life, regardless of which country you might live in. The veil of secrecy over this conference must be lifted immediately!

What Will Be Gained?

The answer to this question can be found in who has profited the most from the Bush Administration's declaration of 'Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.' Corporations both large and small, depending on their connectedness to the players at the top, have discovered immense profits that have exceeded anything ever seen, anywhere before: Providing Oil, military equipment, weapons for everyone on all sides, not to mention re-construction and virtually all kinds of equipment and supplies to keep the military operating while supposedly rebuilding entire nations from the ground up. The fact that this entire enterprise was a colossal failure did not mean that hundreds of billions were not paid out to those with Secret-no-bid government contracts, regardless of performance inadequacies or outright failure. So far we've spent over $453 Billion and that number could reach over a Trillion dollars once all the bills are in. Most of that money went to the Corporatocracy members, many of whom are also involved in securing new contracts with the North American Union for its obvious security needs.

Who Pays for Privatizations?

Ordinary people-the same "people" who once owned the National Parks, the libraries, the mineral rights, the highways, the institutions of higher learning: Virtually anything and everything that was paid for by public bond issues or tax dollars. The equation for privatization is simple. A corporation or a money mogul puts up roughly ten percent of the actual value of whatever is to be devoured, then takes over the entire enterprise: Immediately downsizing the operation, stripping away the services previously offered and slashing salaries of the remaining serfs, while selling off the more lucrative aspects, to give their shareholders a false idea of productivity along with the supposed profitability of their newly acquired acquisition.

What is Lost?

What is lost is any meaning for the words in any contract written, by either a government or the corporations involved, as each has reserved the right to change the terms of virtually any law or contract in which either is involved.

Think about the terms of credit, interest on a loan, terms of service on a military enlistment. Even Social Security is an upcoming target of the SPP, if they will even need to bother about that-once they obtain total control of all three nation-states.

Another huge loss will be any individual rights for anyone not "needed" by

The Corporatocracy, or its new servant, the so-called government entities that will be designated by the Corporations to run this latest scam.

One issue that was supposedly 'solved' yesterday between the Three-Traders was a way to "equalize" the health warnings, the pesticides, and the content requirements on things like food, and goods: the goal being to eliminate any differences between the three states. This was needed to speed cross border inspections so as not to interrupt the flow of new capital into the coffers of the Privateers.

In addition the Three-Traitors agreed to allow any other nations products to be imported into the NAU and labeled as if whatever it was had been manufactured or created here-so that the public would no longer be able to tell where any particular product or food came from. This they thought would be absolutely necessary, given the 'fact-about-to-be' that manufacturing etc., will finish being outsourced from all of North America, under the new terms of the NAU.

Decent jobs will be lost forever here, along with real wages, benefits, health care ­ that whole potpourri of 'stuff' that people usually work very hard to achieve. The natural resources within North America: our forests, our minerals, even our water and our lands will be sold off to others, to enhance the profits of these 21st Century Pirates. But there is one tell-tale perk for the oil companies ­ the pipelines for both natural gas and oil will run from the South into the US and from the North into the US. The Mexican Oil & Gas companies will be privatized again, as will the Canadian companies in favor of the existing American giants in that field. Consequently it appears that national oil companies themselves will just disappear into that secrecy that surrounds the profits of the behemoths that have come to dominate so much of life today.

One other thing that shall be lost forever is the US Dollar that is to be replaced by the Amero very soon. Given the difficulties of this illusion at the moment (the dollar's actual value) ~ this is hardly surprising. The New North American Union will need its own currency just as the European Union had to settle on a common currency in order to maximize its own impact on world markets. Much more will change under this latest attack upon our lives, but seemingly no matter how much the public comes to 'understand' about this massive restructuring of life in America today ­ seemingly they remain unmoved. . .

"This Can't Happen Here"

To this response there is 5 minute and 19 second video answer: "it" has already happened here-by Executive Decree over many, many years.

Presidential Directives: 10990, 10995, 10997, 10998, 11000, 11003, 11005, 11051, 11921, 12656: Plus The Patriot Act; The Domestic Security Enhancement of the Military Commissions Act of 2003: and the National Security Presidential Directive 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20, signed by President Bush in May 2007 (2)


1) It's All About Oil


2) What We Choose to Ignore


Citizen Petition Opposing the North American Union



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