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911 Truth - You, Me and the SPP
Peter Zaza

August 7, 2007

I've got a question for Bush, Harper and Calderon. If you truly value democracy, the rule of law, and government by the will of the people, then why are you hiding in secret like rats scared to expose your plans to the light of day? Why not hold a referendum in all three countries and ask the citizens of this continent if they want to be unified, dissolve our national identities and borders, or share a common currency? But the leaders of these countries won't do that, because they are not democratically elected officials of free individuals living within any sort of constitutional democracy, they are instead fascist dictators who must bring the plans for unification into being according to an agenda - they are sock puppets who do the bidding of international bankers and the power elite of this world, and they must slither behind an ugly and brutal militia who will wield their clubs onto the heads of ordinary citizens - people who want nothing more than to have a voice by electing officials who represent them - that's what government is supposed to be about, isn't it?. If we had a real media with real investigative reporters, there would be a million questions and headlines and scandals and trials, but we do not, instead we have a propaganda machine owned by the military industrial complex, they are just like an infomercial that will tell you any kind of cheap disgusting lie while trying to get you to buy their stuff.

Agreements like the SPP should be null and void by the very nature of their incarnation, put forth by unelected officials, totally against the will of virtually all the citizenry, and only in the best interests of a select few. But it looks like they will push forward - and like some converging lines in a perspective drawing the currencies of all three nations will level off to a close approximation of parity until it's time for a new crisis induced by government - reaction will be people that are frightened, confused, and purposefully thrust into sudden panic mode, so big brother will step in with the resolution. Don't trouble yourself about the crashed economy we deliberately drove into the ground with our hegemonic wars of aggression and genocide - remember, war is good for business, and you've got your entertainment, your "bread and circuses". Don't be one of those conspiracy theorist nut jobs and get lopped in with that crowd, come over here my little children, we've got the shiny new Amero to solve the money problem, and a new global police force headed by the benevolent UN to keep the order, don't forget the new ID measures we will force upon you - or you can't drive, or travel, or be outside these lines after a certain time, or whatever else we want to say and make you do. Look at how docile you all were when we implemented the completely criminal "anti-terror measures" or the "no-fly lists" - or the way we dazzled your game-show blinded eyes with colour-coded alert schemes from the Department of Homeland Buffoonery. These poor bastards will let us do whatever the hell we want to them, and they will be so scared of being marginalized because of the beautiful psyche job we've done on them since birth through TV and all the rest of that crud we call mainstream media - they won't even kick up a fuss, or so some might think. But that's not really how I see it, and I truly do have a lot more faith in the common people of this world.

Human dynamics dictate something quite different to me. When I was trying to learn the difficult art of computer animation I discovered something very quickly about the way humans move. At first I would assign a start and end point to the movement of an object - like moving a character's arm let's say - and so the computer would dutifully move the animated limb in a linear fashion from point A to B over X amount of time - problem is, that's not very representative of human physical dynamics. There will typically be a sloping logarithmic curve to the velocity of virtually any action, basically the process starts slow then rapidly ascends to its end point - look at the way you reach for a cup or take a step forward - the acceleration curve is much like how movements of resistance occur throughout history. Subjugate women unjustly for centuries, make them suffer and struggle for so long, and then witness such a beautiful iteration of the indomitable human spirit and brilliance of intellect as evinced through Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Caty Stanton - do yourself a favour and read the story of these remarkable women who persevered their entire lives fighting for women's equality and the right to vote. Look at the slaves in America (the first ones, not us), and witness the rising up of a people against brutality and injustice. All human movements start out slow, but gain momentum hurtling to the end stage. We are fast approaching that final stage - which gives us two obvious choices. Either everything I've learned and believe right now is a complete fabrication and ergo I'm just some nut, ok fine - another nut. I only wish it were so - or, the second possibility being we are correct and there is going to be big trouble for us all very soon if we don't do something about it, and if those 800 plus FEMA camps actually do exist to hold dissidents - then you have a bigger problem still. How are you going to rationalize them taking away your friends and family, people just like me that have committed no crime, have not aggressed upon any other individual or their property, and have done nothing more than think for themselves and question the bloodshed and injustice in this ravaged world of ours? Better yet, if it really happens that way I will count myself lucky to be with the kind of people I've met in this movement - frankly, I would be too ashamed to stick around with the likes of those who could allow such a nightmare to occur. I will live free, standing up straight and telling the truth with many other people who care about honour, truth and human dignity - the rest of you can grab a set of kneepads and some fresh lip balm - the double line forms on the left.

"If you will not fight for the right, when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." -Winston Churchill.

911 Truth is the single most important issue in all our lives right now - as Canadians, as North Americans, and as a citizens of this planet. As long as we do not deal directly with this lie, we will continually be forced to play a part in all it's subsequent crimes, and pay the ultimate price of our freedom because of willful ignorance or moral cowardice. Our government tells us we are in Afghanistan because of the Canadians who lost their lives on 9/11 - and they believe the US government's "conspiracy theory" about Osama bin Laden and the 19 Muslim hijackers, without any real investigation or proof. Moreover, all signs point to the US government being complicit in the staging of this false flag operation. Do some research on these kinds of events, particularly all the declassified material, and then ask how they could do such a thing? Your answer will be something like - the same way it's been done a thousand times before. Ask yourself why they would remove all the material from the crime scene and withhold evidence. Does this make sense to anyone? Just think about it - let's pretend their fairy tale story is absolutely true - the planes hit the towers, the towers fell down - and what does reason then dictate as a course of action for the government of the USA? Would you cordon off the crime scene and go over the forensic evidence in a painstaking fashion in order to solidify the case against your attackers? or would you quickly remove and hide everything, which is supposed to be against the law. Would you ask all the first responders what they saw and heard, and then use that evidence to bolster your case, or would you place them all under gag orders and make them fight for 5 years just to get their stories told. Why would they do that? - are you still there? I want an answer to this one especially, because it seems fairly obvious that if you want a few hundred people to keep their mouths shut about what they saw and heard, the only possible explanation can be that you are hiding something and they are saying things you do not want people to know. Why is that? - it is only because the bombs which took the towers down were heard and felt by many people - bombs mean collusion - no longer tenable is the story of the 19 Arab guys with box-cutters - now we must explain how anyone could get inside those buildings and precisely plant the charges necessary to cause these monolithic structures to fall in an exact way. No other way is possible for these buildings to descend as they did except within the demolition model - that's what we see happening with all three buildings, that's what many people on the scene witnessed first hand - and yet that is the scenario which was not even explored by the bogus investigations sponsored by the criminals who committed the crime. Ask yourself why they would not consider a demolition model in their bought and paid for investigations, and then ask yourself why they didn't even mention Building 7 at all - or why the NTSB didn't do an investigation on these plane crashes, the first time that's happened. So many whys - so little investigation.

Used as a pretext for the genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan, this event is also a turning point and a catalyst for the bigger plan to implement a one world government, complete with the destruction of nationalities and cultural identities. These plans have been documented and clearly indicate an agenda for the formation of a North American Union in 2010, and subsequently a ceding of power to the UN global police force in 2012.

"There is little difference between a short life and a long life - both are just a moment in time" - Taoist proverb

So much can happen in just a split second of time - let's try and deconstruct one such moment. I'm watching the lead story on network news here in Canada the other night - before us are two figures; Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor and Rick Hillier, Chief of the Defence Staff. The purpose of this particular news conference is to convey the message to all Canadians - these guys are on the same page, and they vow to quash the voices of opposition and dissent here at home so that Canada can continue it's noble mission in Afghanistan.

Something else happens in this nanosecond of time. Way over there in Afghanistan and just 90 miles away from a Canadian army unit, there is a village where suspected Taliban are hiding - Solution: Bombs with Depleted Uranium, you know that stuff don't you? We make it here in Canada, we store it and distribute it against international treaties we supposedly adhere to - this is powerful stuff this DU, rips through heavy duty armour plating like butter. And within that split second when the bombs hit, and the limbs of all the wives, children and everyone else get splattered outward at high velocity, shorn not so neatly from their bloody stumps, I would ask you this O'Connor and Hillier, if you cared to strain your ears over the screams of innocent victims whose lives are shattered or gone forever, the latter being the only preferable option of the two. What do you think is the reason for us killing people and having our own sons and daughters die in Afghanistan? I believe these two guys standing there in their respective costumes are probably quite typical of people who think they are fulfilling a sense of duty for their country - I believe they are wrong, and I'm going to ask you to realize the part YOU are playing in this ugly charade that debases and demoralizes us all. I ask you to consider these facts regarding Canada and it's mission in Afghanistan:

NATO troops are indiscriminately killing civilians. The Canadian Senate Report concluded that life in Khandahar is "clearly more perilous because we are there". Canadian Corporations are profiting from the death and destruction in Afghanistan NATO members continue to deploy radioactive weaponry such as depleted uranium munitions which contaminates the environment and the human genome for billions of years. 60% of those elected to the Afghan parliament in October 2005 were criminals. Violence against women and girls in Afghanistan is pervasive. Afghan women continue to face rape, harassment and sexual violence. Canadians are fighting a war that is NOT about terrorism but is about the projection of power, money and resource control. As of April 2007, 57% of Canadians oppose the war in Afghanistan. Canada is deeply integrated within the U.S. military industrial complex. Canadians invest in hundreds of war industries through the Canada Pension Plan, including 16 of the world's top 20 weapons' manufacturers

We live in a strange culture - like the TV commercial where Mom keeps spraying the freshener into junior's bedroom to mask all the smells - and I want to know - why the hell don't you just clean up the damned room and give it all a good scrubbing with ammonia, junior first? But that is not our way - don't look at the truth, just throw some more mushroom fodder on top so that everyone will be so blinded by the stench emanating from the new fetid pile on top, they won't even bother to care about the foulness coming from below. But it's still there - 911 is not going away, doesn't matter how many wars you start, how many innocent people you torture without trial in your phony war OF terror. It's horrendous, we are all diminished by the criminal, despicable actions of these people. They destroy the rule of law and distort every precept of human decency for their own selfish gain. They are not righteous leaders who deserve our respect and admiration, they are lowly thugs who must face justice or we as a society have failed and we have no soul.

Yes, I'm going to say it once more and then you must do some research - 911 was an inside job. Myself and a few hundred million people on this earth could prove it quite easily if we were allowed the benefit of a real investigation, if we had a fair and just judicial system that would weigh the merits of all the evidence just like in a real criminal case. If we had an honest, independent media that was not merely a propaganda tool of the military industrial complex - the same people who have a vested interested in wars and the manufacturing of bombs that kill and mutilate, and all the great rising profit shares and financial dividends that go along with it - it's disgusting, it's degrading, it's also amazing that most decent, hard working individuals are living this fantastic lie so they can pay their taxes and fund this enterprise. This thin veneer of reality holding society within it's false grip will be stripped clean with some of the predicted manoeuvres of these Machiavellian psychopaths - if you happened to read the article published by a British Journal called "The Guardian" on April 9th 2007 called "Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future" - you would have to wince at the projected use of high tech weaponry that will be utilized to quell the mobs reacting to stresses brought on by overpopulation, natural disasters or various other sometimes induced states of disorder.

"The development of neutron weapons which destroy living organs but not buildings "might make a weapon of choice for extreme ethnic cleansing in an increasingly populated world". The use of unmanned weapons platforms would enable the "application of lethal force without human intervention, raising consequential legal and ethical issues". The "explicit use" of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons and devices delivered by unmanned vehicles or missiles." - Richard Norton-Taylor

The fact that they write about it and predict it's necessity means they have it all ready to go right now.

But that's not the kind of story we're given on the nightly news, instead we are spoon-fed the fuzzy, feel-good CBC piece about the troops playing a quick game of road hockey, or how they get the Tim Horton's Coffee sent to them to help ameliorate the difficult task of indiscriminate killing. Show me anything but the truth about what the hell is going on in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Oh - don't tell me that stuff, I don't want to hear it, it's so depressing - I work all day in and day out to eke out a living wage - and still I'm always just 2 paychecks away from financial ruin - I haven't got time to figure all this out and then try and fix it. Sorry folks, there is no hero arriving in act 3 to save the day in this saga. It's just like negative option billing on your hydro utility statement - do nothing and in a couple of short years you will be lined up by people in riot gear, demanding to see your National ID - tasers on stun. For god's sake, have you not noticed already the militarization of the police and security forces around the world, no more boys in blue - now we have the black executioner's garb with body armour, and a new motto that goes something like, "To Swerve and Neglect".

Have you not wondered why leaders meet in secret to sign deals affecting your life without any public input. Does it not even cause a tinge of annoyance within you that Canada is allowing troops from another country to tell us we can't assemble peaceably on our own soil? Does it not bug you even a little bit that we have unjust anti-terror laws and no fly lists that abrogate every tenet of democratic law and such hard-won inalienable rights of free individuals? I'm so ashamed when I think about my Muslim brothers and sisters in this world. George and his pals are guilty of a veritable plethora of crimes against humanity, 911 being one of the biggest - THEY did it - and THEY are blaming it on and punishing a race of people who are being vilified, tortured and exterminated because of this horrendous lie. And good old Johnny Q. Public thinks this is just ok - I've heard too many of them say things like, "Oh, those people over there live like animals" or "they don't feel things like us anyway because they are so backward" or "sure, there are going to be a lot of innocent people killed, but that's the price we have to pay to have peace in this world". I'm ashamed at myself that I even listen to such morons - especially having met some incredibly sophisticated and well educated people who were from Afghanistan and Iraq. Ok Johnny - now ask yourself this? In my world I'm connected to every living thing on this planet, especially those hunks of protoplasm "over there" who are demonstrably more like me than a planarian worm, or perhaps let's say, a member of Congress. With a simple thought exercise of transference we could imagine how we might feel if a bomb was dropped on our house and all our family members were incinerated - now stick with me Johhny, I'll just be another minute then you can go back to entertaining yourself or staring blankly at the TV - the question is, do you think that after your life has been inexorably shattered by some folks 90 miles away staring at a radar screen you would agree that somehow this is progress, and your life is so much better than before the murders which just took place? And all this done for your supposed liberation.

"No nation can donate liberation to another nation. Liberation should be achieved in a country by the people themselves" - Malalai Joya, member of the Afghan parliament

Are your actions in accordance with your thoughts? Are these thoughts correct within the circumstance? Is this circumstance as told to you in any way reflective of the truth about our reality? Out of the many history books I've read throughout my life there has always been something that fascinated me, but I failed to understand or fully appreciate until now - I've seen so many characters throughout time who wanted nothing more than an opportunity to live their lives quietly, even inconspicuously - and then some condition would arise into which they are inexorably swept along, and so they end up playing a role on the world stage, and dutifully fulfill their part in history. No matter what happens, I will know that when I apprehended the truth about 911 and the state of our world, I was not able to sleep at night if I just remained silent. If you don't know about some of the deceit and hypocrisy perpetrated by our own government, I will not ask you to trust and believe me - but there are ample clues everywhere which will allow you to do some research and come to your own conclusions, rather than the lies fed to you through the media. First you have to care enough to look into that central part of your being and manifest some sense of ethos about your very existence on this planet, and your real connection to people "over there". This isn't some sporting event where you take sides and folks shout playful insults at the opposing team - we have far too many of us on this earth who are being killed and subjected to unspeakable horrors every day - like today!

You and I are playing a part in this injustice. Whatsoever we do to anyone else we do to ourselves - whatsoever we allow to be done unjustly to others can also be done to us. What can I do about it? I'm going to keep writing and recording and animating and shouting and hoping and praying - that my children can grow up in this world and know peace - unlike the hundreds that were slaughtered today in order that someone else could make some more money.

What are YOU going to do about it?


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