Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today's News August 16, 2007
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U.S. signs $30 billion military aid deal with Israel. Deal signed not with Israeli Defense Minister but with the Governor of the Bank of Israel. More looting of cash from America's Treasury by the Israeli central bank.

Homeland Security's National Applications Office (NAO) to oversee domestic use of U.S. spy satellites. The Posse Comitatus Act is now officially dead and buried. National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, former NSA director and Booz Allen top exec, and Michael Chertoff okay program as the now-defanged and impotent U.S. privacy advocacy community twiddles its thumbs. Even local cops will have access to satellite intelligence.

Bush administration seeks to dismiss lawsuit over NSA illegal spying on Americans. NSA and Justice Department use of old tired "sensitive sources and methods" argument as a way of protecting their secret deal with AT&T to conduct illegal espionage.

Hundreds dead in strong Peru earthquake. 7.9 Richter scale quake strikes central Peru and Pacific coast. Thousands in need of medical treatment.

Mississisppi's neo-confederate Governor Haley Barbour's family profited from Katrina reconstruction. Of course, war profiteering and disaster profiteering are in Republicans' genes.

U.S. troops on reported military maneuvers against Muslims in southern Philippines. French news agency snaps photos of U.S. Special Forces on patrol, a violation of Philippines Constitution. Hell, the Bush administration violates the U.S. Constitutio0n, so why not the Philippines Constitution?

COUNTRY FOCUS ARTICLE OF THE DAY: Tuva. Russia's Putin hosts visiting Monaco Prince Albert in Tuva. Two leaders visit sites in once independent republic in Central Asia, which has strong autonomist streak.


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