Tuesday, June 12, 2007

-------------------------------------------------------------------Today's News June 12, 2007

No confidence vote in Gonzales fails in Senate. Vote fell seven short. Obama, Biden, and Dodd not present for vote.

Appeals court rules that civilians cannot be designated "enemy combatants." Bush will merely ignore the court as he ignores Congress.

Cops killed pets left behind in Katrina. Another tale of cruelty from Bush's America.

Bush waded into Albanian "rent-a-crowd and had his watch stolen by one of his adoring fans. Now some Albanian has to figure out where Mickey's big hand and little hand are.

U.S. is world's largest arms exporter. War is good for Bush's America. Eisenhower warned about this fate.

Kuwait denies its territory to U.S. for Iran attack. But, there's always Poland.

Venezuela seizes 2.5 tons of cocaine bound for Sierra Leone. U.S. citizen among those arrested. The Bush crime cartel will not be pleased at this interference in their number one cash business.


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