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Corporate Media Praises Neocon Robert Zoellick
Saturday June 02nd 2007, 4:15 pm

Now that the reprehensible neocon Paul Wolfowitz is out of the way at the World Bank, it is time for our rulers to nominate yet another reprehensible neocon to the post. Said neocon is Robert Zoellick, PNAC signatory, and a former director of the Aspen Institute Strategy Group, a “non-profit” set-up and bankrolled by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Carnegie Corporation, and the Ford foundation. Zoellick is of course the perfect choice, as he worked in the “private sector” for Goldman Sachs, Enron, and Fannie Mae, in other words he is a seasoned cut-throat operator, ready to inflict neoliberal globalism and loan shark schemes on the impoverished masses, most of them living on less than two dollars a day. If Zoellick and the “private sector” have their way, billions will live on less than a dollar a day.

“Supporters praise Zoellick as a rigorous intellectual and sophisticated globalist who is good at forging consensus,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle. “He is well-connected internationally and well-regarded by European leaders, who pressured Wolfowitz to resign amid an ethics flap. Presently vice chairman of the international unit at Goldman Sachs, the investment banking firm, Zoellick is also well-versed in how markets work.”

For those who understand how things work, very little translation is required: Robert Zoellick, as “rigorous intellectual”—unable or unwilling to compromise, thoroughly ruthless, dogmatic and pedantic—who is “good at forging consensus”—that is, accomplished at arm twisting and intimidation, probably blackmail. He is connected to the decadent royalty of Europe and their EU globalist toadies, determined to turn the planet into a slave labor gulag and, as the corrupt and inbred royals (such as the Malthusian Prince Philip) are fond of telling us, reducing world population to a manageable number, possibly 500 million.

“Detractors paint him as a Bush crony whose main appeal to the president is loyalty. They say Zoellick’s 2001-05 tenure as trade negotiator was marked as much by failure as success—most notably the inability to advance the Doha development agenda at the World Trade Organization, intended to lift nations out of poverty by expanding trade.”

Actually, for the global “free traders.” i.e., plunder and loot specialists, Zoellick is more well regarded than the president, who is basically a front man for the dumbed-down and mostly stepfordized masses, an alcoholic and former cokehead from a Nazi collaborating crime family who initially appealed to the “good old boys” in Texas, a rabble that can be depended upon to vote for the worst sort of mental defectives and psychopaths, so long as the pill is sugar coated by the corporate media.

It is wholly typical the San Francisco Chronicle attempts to pass off the myth the WTO and World Bank intend “to lift nations out of poverty by expanding trade,” when the precise opposite is the case. The “ministerial” Doha “round,” hosted by decadent and inbred royals in Qatar, is nothing short of a prolonged attempt on the part of “free traders” to reduce “trade barriers,” that is to say to undermine attempts by impoverished third world nations to fend off neoliberals who impose high interest rates into perpetuity (and short of the ability of the impoverished to pay this, loot and plunder their natural resources).

“Significantly, Zoellick is familiar with China, the rising power whose entry into the WTO he helped broker in late 2001 as U.S. trade representative. As deputy secretary of state in 2005 and 2006, Zoellick paid special attention to China. That experience will be useful at the World Bank. Although Beijing is sitting atop $1.2 trillion in foreign currency reserves, China—still classified as a developing country—has snared many loans from the World Bank.”

In other words, Zoellick is well-steeped in the China plan, that is to say the plan to reduce the planet to a high-tech feudal state based on dictatorial and ruthless mercantilism perfected by “communist” Chinese rulers, well-suited bureaucratic psychopaths versed in the tactics of coercion, slavery, mass murder, and the selling of the internal organs of executed dissidents and other recalcitrant enemies of the state.

“In my experience, the Chinese are as focused on national interests as any country I’ve ever dealt with, in a very hard-headed way,” Zoellick told the German Marshall Fund, yet another globalist foundation, this one “transatlantic,” that is to say neoliberal, globalist, and stretching across both sides of the pond. Although Mr. Zoellick was rather unspecific, we can assume such hard-headedness includes the violent suppression of free speech and religious freedom, torture of prisoners, denial of due process, the violent suppression of Tibetans and Buddhists, forced abortion and sterilization, etc., policies that will come to America—or maybe we should call it the North American Union—soon enough.

According to the Chronicle and Democrat senator Max Baucus, Zoellick is “the right person for this job,” not simply because he “served three Republican presidents and was a protege of Secretary of State James Baker during George H.W. Bush’s administration,” in other words a consummate insider and crime family intimate, but also because he “is credited with negotiating free-trade deals with Vietnam, Jordan and Australia, helping to push the now-stalled Doha development agenda and guiding Bush’s request for trade promotion authority through a divided Congress in 2002. The trade authority gives the president the right to submit trade proposals to Congress, which can accept or reject but not amend the deals.” Bush’s “trade authority” is in fact “fast-track authority,” in other words stripping Congress of its constitutional right to negotiate trade policy and vesting this power solely in the office of the decider, or rather the neolibs and neocons who pull his marionette strings.

“Zoellick is a forceful and sophisticated advocate of globalization, whereby financial markets, companies and even cultures become intimately intertwined. But critics contend that globalization is a race to the bottom, with the world’s poor as the inevitable losers,” the San Francisco Chronicle concludes. “We are very concerned that Zoellick will apply that same flawed, market-fundamentalist thinking to the major health policy issues that have made the (World Bank) so ineffective in fighting poverty,” Asia Russell, director of international advocacy for the nonprofit organization Health Global Access Project, added.

Indeed, the point is not to fight poverty. Instead, the idea is to loot and plunder third world nations. “The World Bank and IMF are supposed to assist nations in their development. What actually happens is another story. A poor country borrows from the World Bank to build up some aspect of its economy. Should it be unable to pay back the heavy interest because of declining export sales or some other reason, it must borrow again, this time from the IMF,” explains Michael Parenti. “But the IMF imposes a ’structural adjustment program’ (SAP), requiring debtor countries to grant tax breaks to the transnational corporations, reduce wages, and make no attempt to protect local enterprises from foreign imports and foreign takeovers. The debtor nations are pressured to privatize their economies, selling at scandalously low prices their state-owned mines, railroads, and utilities to private corporations.”

Robert Zoellick will continue this destructive policy and the corporate media will declare up is down, black is white, and “privatization” is a poverty reduction program. As well, Zoellick will be tasked with restoring the World Bank’s image—or rather its facade as an organization dedicated to “economic development and eliminating poverty”—an image tarnished recently by the corruption of fellow neocon Paul Wolfowitz, who apparently regarded the organization as his own candy store.

Finally, at least a few people appear to oppose Zoellick, as they know a neocon when they see one. “Concerns about Zoellick center on his membership of the so-called Vulcans foreign policy team that advised Bush during his presidential campaign in 2000. The group was led by Condoleezza Rice and espoused the neocon ideology that alienated Wolfowitz, another Vulcans member, from World Bank staff members,” notes Today’s Zaman. “As an early backer of US military action in Iraq, and as a former paid adviser to Enron, the infamous energy company, Zoellick brings significant baggage with him,” Paul Zeitz, the executive director of the Global Aids Alliance, told the newspaper.

Of course, in Washington and on Wall Street, this “significant baggage” is considered a sterling and much sought after attribute by financial sector psychopaths, as fraudulent business practices of the Enron sort and the causal act of engineering the slaughter of 750,000 Iraqis fits on the curriculum vitae quite nicely.


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