Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Iraq - Al Iraq News - Original Article (Arabic)

President George W. Bush: Iraqi resistance
forces are already anticipating his expected
announcement of a 'surge' in troops.

—BBC VIDEO NEWS: Skeptical nation awaits
Bush plan for 'surge,' Jan. 10, 00:02:17

National Front for the Liberation of Iraq: Through blood, we will teach the cowboys and low-lives about our humane, Semitic morals.

That crazy deviant, George W. Bush, lives in a state of hysteria and with a sense of futility. His repeated failures were reflected in the results of the recent American elections. Since this antichrist's [Bush's] messiah has not yet appeared, this lunatic and the Zionist, Christian fundamentalists thought that if they massacred millions in the Arab East and founded a Jewish state, it would lead to the second coming of their messiah. (Jesus, our Blessed Prophet of Allah, who may also be a victim of this capricious crime).

Perhaps, then, Bush's messiah would live for 800 years. As insane as he is, it seems that Bush would believe such a thing and that together with his Christ, he would be the reason for the second coming. But despite over a million Arab deaths in Iraq, Christ has not appeared. Neither did he appear to save Bush, the madman and antichrist, after he experienced his massive political failure.

The main reason for Bush's disappointment is that he failed to rescue his Zionist taskmasters and failed to reap the rewards from the refineries of the prophets [oil refineries]. This madman [Bush] believes that the primary reason behind this failure is the Iraqi National Resistance, because of its example as a powerful force that resists attack from every form of populism designed to eliminate the Arab identity [the Sunni identity] of Iraq. Therefore, Bush plans to invest his remaining time in office in taking revenge against this resistance, primarily in the hotbeds of revolution that serve as incubators for the resistance [Anbar Province, Baghdad], hoping that in the meantime, his messiah will appear and rescue him from his disappointment and failure.

The observation posts of the Iraqi resistance have managed to intercept the dimensions of Bush's new plan for revenge, which can be summarized as follows:

Muqtada al-Sadr, left, and Abdul Aziz
al-Hakim are both leading Shiite clerics
jockeying for power in Iraq. Al-Hakim
is favored by the United States.

1. An initiative that includes a plot to kill [Shiite Cleric] Muqtada al-Sadr by utilizing mercenaries belonging to Abdul Aziz al-Hakim [a rival Shiite cleric and political leader ], inciting betrayal, increasing the size of [Shiite] militias and escalating the sectarian insurrection in Baghdad. Backed by mercenaries of the so-called Iraqi army and police, the Americans plan to leave the militias with the responsibility of controlling resistance forces in "liberated" areas of Baghdad. This will take place, of course, after occupation forces have encircled and completed a blockade around Baghdad to cut off communications and coordination between resistance forces in the capital from those in other cities.

2. In the initial stages, the new Iraqi forces will be used to attack pockets of resistance and revolution in the western areas - Ramadi and Fallujah and the upper Euphrates - before heading toward Baghdad and Mosul.

3. In this war, every internationally banned weapon will be used, including chemical and white phosphorus bombs [incendiary agents], as well as other lethal weapons. Also, because of their freedom of movement and ability to evade responsibility, the mercenary forces of the militia and so-called army and police will encourage looting and sabotage. These immoral terrorist operations will be done to spread fear and terror among peaceful citizens, and will be blamed on the national resistance.

'The U.S. occupation breeds Iraqi resistance.'

[Almostaqbal, Bahrain]

4. Strengthen British and Polish forces occupying cities in the South, especially in the besieged southern cities of Basra, Amarah, Nasiriyah and Hilla. The British and Polish will play a role in cutting off communications between these cities and other parts of Iraq, while the mercenaries of the army, police and [Shiite] militias liquidate pockets of resistance and groups opposed to the occupation.

5. To delude the resistance and keep it from being prepared for this great battle, the clients of the occupation and the mass media will be contracted to promote the idea that the purpose of bringing in additional troops is to eliminate the mercenary militias and reduce Iranian influence in Iraq. Our intelligence gathering confirms that Aziz Hakim's militia [rival to Muqtadr al-Sadr] will help the occupation implement this scheme. The mercenaries [armed Shiite groups and the government] will appease Hakim with praise, sincerity and commitment despite the removal of Maliki [Hakim's ally], as planned, and the appointment Adel Abdel Mahdi in Maliki's place.

6. Part of the plan is expected to attract groups of Kurdish Peshmerga mercenaries to participate in the aggression against our people, with the aim deepening the social divisions between Arabs and Kurds [both Sunnis] and redrawing of areas of control among combatants and the elements of this battle.

7. Along with each of these actions will be operations to deny all citizens in the besieged cities of utilities and services including water, electricity, fuel, food and transportation. This will occur coupled with a propaganda campaign blaming these deprivations on resistance attacks against generators and other machinery for distributing water, fuel and food.

Resistance forces plan to confront and undermine this scheme together. Furthermore, the resistance plans to coordinate for any contingency, to jointly agree on implementation and to swear to act as a single entity, thus preventing the enemy from taking each city individually. In addition, the resistance will task its military experts to prepare for chemical war and conduct guerrilla training to deal with this type of warfare, focusing on topics such as how to avoid contamination and how to rid victims of its effects.

An insurgent and a U.S. soldier: Iraqi resistance
groups say they are ready to confront the 'surge.'

We warn our innocent citizens about the need for proper grooming and to prepare for conditions of deprivation. Instead being duped by American lies and dying as traitors, we call on everyone to be ready to defend their lives, the lives of their children as well as their money and honor. We call upon those who are involved in emergency rescue. We call upon all citizens to form committees and civil defense services to defend their homes and neighborhoods. We suggest to our citizens that they consolidate the children, the elderly and the disabled in a safe place and to provide them with necessary services and care. Such care includes assuring them peace and tranquility, as well as preventing the Yankees, cowboys and their mercenaries from giving our children junk food and other garbage that they use to negatively influence them psychologically.

Follow the movement of Iraqi national resistance and you will earn, through blood, a prosperous future for our children and grandchildren. You will earn a future in peace and security in a free and independent society and a society that serves as a beacon for the most cherished values of humanity and civilization. Imagine ridding mankind of chauvinism and barbaric foreigners such as those American cowboys and their minions, who have forgotten their own families and now roam our streets and lay waste to our mosques and our safe havens, while harassing good-natured Iraqis, their friends and their loved ones.

Glory and immortality be to the martyrs of the heroic resistance, along with the Prophets and our righteous ancestors who dwell with Allah above.

Shame and disgrace to the low-life mercenaries, traitors and thieves who are agents of the occupation.

[Editor's Note: The Iraqi newspaper Al Zawra carried a story in 2004 that described The National Front for the Liberation of Iraq includes 10 resistance groups. It was formed days after the occupation of Iraq in April 2003. It consists of nationalists and Islamists. Its activities are concentrated in Arbil and Karkuk in northern Iraq; in Al-Fallujah, Samarra, and Tikrit in central Iraq, and in Basra and Babil Governorates in the south, in addition to Diyali Governorate in the east


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