Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Repuke Rat Bastards Again..reminds me of Karl....

Bush “Surge” Speech Stitched of Neocon Whole Cloth
Tuesday January 09th 2007, 8:01 pm

It figures. “President Bush’s new strategy for Iraq was crafted by a little known aide who is a strong advocate of escalating the troops and who alarmed Democrats over a decade ago when he proposed attacking North Korea with nuclear weapons to stop its nuclear program, the Wall Street Journal reports,” according to Raw Story.

It is said “J.D. Crouch, an academic turned deputy national security adviser,” crafted the neocon “surge” plan under the tutelage of Stephen Hadley, the Cheney and Straussian Wolfowitz understudy who replaced Condi as national security adviser after she took up her new digs in the State Department.

Taking Crouch under his wing is a natural, as both Crouch and Hadley are fascinated with using nuclear weapons against adversaries. According to Hadley, accusing the United States of criminal insanity for pursuing a policy of nuclear brinksmanship “destroys public confidence in our institutions and our leaders,” never mind that such leaders talking about using nukes should be run out of town and locked up in institutions for the criminally insane.

As well, the scurrilous Frederick Kagan, one of Bush’s criminal “minds” over at the American Enterprise Institute, played a big part in contriving the “surge” plan to kill more U.S. soldiers and Iraqis. In additional to conniving with PNAC as a war crime signatory, a crime that should be punishable by a long prison term at hard labor, if not a trip to the gallows, Kagan dreamed up the “real Iraq Study Group” report devised to counter the Iraq “recommendations” released by the Baker Boys last month.

“The increase in US troops cannot be short-term,” writes Kagan. “Clearing and holding the critical areas of Baghdad will require all of 2007. Expanding the secured areas into Anbar, up the Diyala River valley, north to Mosul and beyond will take part of 2008,” thus dumping the mess in the laps of the Democrats, who will likely take up residence in the White House next time around, as our rulers are weary of neocon braggadocio and murderous swaggering, preferring instead a return to the good old days when dirty work was done behind the scenes through “color revolutions” and other opaque machinations.

As for Crouch, he apparently horrified Democrats by authoring “an academic article [in 1995]… that called for dispatching more troops to South Korea, redeploying American tactical nuclear weapons to the country, and bombing North Korea if Pyongyang refused to abandon its nuclear program.” Obviously, Mr. Crouch was simply ahead of his time, as lobbing around nukes is all the rage in neocon Washington these days, especially if said nukes are aimed at Iran. So in vogue is this idea, the Israelis are now casually talking about nuking Iran, sort of as a way to get World War Four rolling in the new year.

In preparation for Bush’s “surge” speech, Hadley and Crouch trekked off to the pastoral Camp David retreat for an early-morning meeting with Condi the Destroyer and the newly installed Bush crime family intimate, Robert Gates. “White House officials declined to disclose any details of the conversations. Bush is meeting with his national security team again Thursday” at his faux cowboy ranch in Crawford, Texas, according to the Associated Press.

It appears “Duke Nuke ‘em” Crouch is part of a new Bush team, along with Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus and Adm. William Fallon, as Gen. George Casey and Gen. John Abizaid are history. Other deck chair shuffling includes Zalmay Khalilzad to replace the pit bull John Bolton at the United Nations and death squad mastermind John Negroponte over at the State Department, where he will likely replace Condi, who is in disfavor with the chicken hawk neocons pulling the strings.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “a range of senior administration officials told the Post that [Negroponte’s] move stems from the urgent need to fill a State Department job, vacant since early summer, that was seen as crucial to implementing Bush’s new Iraq policy.” In other words, Iraq will get far uglier in the months ahead, to the squeamishness of the Democrats, who want a new management team and less over-the-top murderousness.

Of course, Bush’s niggling increase, likely to be less than 20,000 troops, will not placate the serial murdering neocons, who are chomping at the bit to turn the Middle East into a cauldron. “Both Pentagon officials and military experts say far more troops are needed to make a real difference, but the United States will have to remobilize reserves, extend current tours of duty and accelerate planned deployments just to come up with 20,000 troops, U.S. officials say. And such an increase would strap the military for other potential crises, they said,” the Chronicle continues.

In other words, it is full steam ahead, and damn the breaking of the military, as it consists of “dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy,” as Henry Kissinger, who is apparently much sought after these days as an “elder statesman,” once noted.

Finally, worried about their political futures, as Bush plans to stretch out the miserable Iraq adventure for the remainder of his term as appointed unitary decider, the Democrats are feebly threatening to cut the purse strings. “U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., laid down the gauntlet today, making the first formal effort to block President Bush’s expected plan for a surge of American troops in Iraq with a bill that would block funding for the additional soldiers and offering clear comparisons to Vietnam,” reports ABC News.

Not that Kennedy and the Democrats are serious. “While Kennedy’s speech was well-received by war opponents, it remained doubtful that Democrats could or would stop the president’s hand in calling for more troops in Iraq,” especially with the AIPAC queen Nancy Pelosi and the warmonger Steny Hoyer calling the shots, who are lined up with the demented Manchurian candidate, John McCain, who has promised to throw his long and sordid career on the fire to realize a “surge,” if need be. “If it destroys any ambitions I may have, I’m willing to pay that price gladly,” declared McCain before the gathered at the American Enterprise Institute.

Get ready for more of the same as Bush ascends the podium. He will sacrifice more soldiers, and an untold number of Iraqis, as the United States does not do body counts, as retired Gen. Tommy Franks proudly stated before he went on to predict the demise of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


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