Friday, December 01, 2006

Bushwhackers Can't
Handle The Truth
By Jim Kirwan

Recently: "President Bush was asked about Iraq's sectarian violence.

President Bush: "....Well, that's ... killers taking innocent life is, in some cases, sectarian. I happen to view it as criminal, as well as sectarian. I think any time you murder somebody you're a criminal and I believe a just society, and a society that holds people to account and believes in the rule of law, protects innocent people from murderers - no matter what their political party is."

How clear is that?? -- and yet this is exactly what none of the Bushwhackers subscribe to, in everyday practice, anywhere in the world today. That last sentence ought to be enough on its own to prosecute George W. Bush for the massive number of murders that he has ordered since 911.

The United States is supposed to be a free and open nation, even a beacon for those seeking 'liberty' around the world-yet the officers of this government are no longer free to travel in the world today. When was the last time, pre-Bush II, that a president had to sneak into or out-of other countries, because if he did not do this-either his plane would be shot down or he would definitely come under hostile fire from some quarter of the host nation? Even the Prime Minister of Iraq thought so little of 'the Decider' that he chose to stand up the president of the United States who had just come all the way to Jordon to supposedly save Iraq from the militias. The 'truth' of this situation is that the Decider's cabal cannot admit to the truth of how the world views them, their policies, or the intentions behind any visit from an American official.

Normally in any high level position in business or government, those who have official titles are also supposed to have responsibilities. When the person responsible for policies and or direction is found to be a total failure-then he or she should be immediately dismissed-at the very least. However, we now live in an Outlaw-society where virtually 'anything goes,' hence there are no consequences for insider failures, for the flagrant breaking of virtually all the laws, or even for consciously misleading the public into an illegal and unilateral war, which is apparently not a crime when committed by a high enough government official: this is especially true for 'commander-in-chiefs' that continually exceed their authority. The reason given to charges of failure, of misdirection, or of receiving false-intelligence is always greeted by a smirk or a shrug! In the past nearly six years there have been no firings, and only two resignations were accepted: Brownie for Katrina and Rummy for the military-political-catastrophe in Iraq. What this all comes down to is the simple fact that 'those in power cannot handle the truth'!

Previous articles have attempted to deal with the major powers and the causes behind what the new World Order is attempting to do America and her people. But please do not overlook how virtually every government agency is not only, not doing what it was created to do, but how much of their activity is criminally liable, if not outright treasonous.

Since the "Fairness Doctrine" was murdered, lobbyists and politicians of the worst kind have taken over the Airwaves of America. Instead of providing sources for information or entertainment for the public, the airwaves have become mainline distribution centers of fraudulent ideas and opinions created by single issue interests to capture and dominate the bulk of their listeners and or viewers. This is why Americans virtually know nothing about things in the wider world-such as the 39 plus years of uninterrupted prison conditions that the Palestinians have been living in since Israel was allowed to turn those captive people into virtual slaves whose living conditions are beneath anything that can be imagined (1).

The FCC, far from protecting the public from monopolies and propaganda of the most base variety-are instead actually assisting the Bandits in stealing the airwaves and denying the public any viable alternatives to government propaganda or the manufactured lies that flow directly and in unmitigated form from mainstream media, at all levels. . . with the possible exception of the internet!

The FDA as far as "medicine" goes has become nothing but a distribution center for the products used in the Medical-fraud industry. On the oversight of food and drugs same story, in many different iterations ­ that all come down to a major lack of any real protection for the public, from any corporate or major capital interest, just out to make a buck! The FDA is just another government racket that's run like a division of organized crime.

The EPA, the Department of Education the list goes on and on and culminates with that greatest of all Federal-Bureaucratic-Blunders in the history of the United States: HOMELAND Security!

Just look at Katrina, weigh the damage and the horror done to so very many, against the miserable and near total failure of that institution at all levels. If you're honest you'd probably like to march on Washington and drag a few choice idiots out into the streets for what they chose NOT to do to help that American city of 750,000 people. But hey-they did rebuild the Super-Dome in New Orleans (gotta have the games and keep Big Business alive). Question is did the government have to screw the poor and deny so many hundreds of thousands of Americans clean water, electricity, and protection from the elements, not to mention food and the money to rebuild? This was well over a year ago and yet the entire aftermath still sounds like something out of Kafka!

But to return to the Decider: Despite what he said after the elections about hearing the people when they demanded changes in this country and in the war ­ virtually nothing has happened.

No new goals or plans have been announced, and true to form, Bush- the-Lesser hasn't had a new idea since he stopped being a college cheerleader. He wants no part of meaningful discussions with other nations, and he said again today that he's not letting the troops leave Iraq until the job is finished. But that's not his call alone to make. That depends on winning and we are not winning now, nor are we about to win anything but lots-more-hatred from more and more people each and every day that we stay in Iraq. So basically he's back to "Stay the Course" no matter what he calls it! He's tried to dress it up with a commissions and advisory groups and think-tank-tinkering; but the truth is he's been defeated and he's too stupid or stubborn to even realize his mistakes (2).

Leaving Iraq will not be his decision when and if the public demands a full accounting for the lives already lost, such as the three-hundred and nineteen that died at Forward Base Falcon on or about October 10, 2006-in a single attack. Their names are listed alphabetically in the article below, along with units and military affiliations (the last 11 pages). Someone ought to follow-up on this one, because these causalities did not appear in the death counts of the few days surrounding the three long days and nights of destructive explosions. The world knew about this because the fires were clearly visible by satellite. The base was a mile square fortress of concrete bunkers with ammo and fuel dumps, but when it was over only rubble remained. There were three thousand troops stationed there, mostly from the 4th Infantry Division, stationed at Fort Bliss Texas. Despite the destruction the US military said that there were no casualties. Lies came from the Pentagon and from Central Command in Iraq, but these people can easily be accounted for if the article is in error-all the government needs to do is to explain the whereabouts of all these people, except that this might force them to admit that this event had happened in the first place.(3)

The Decider wants to 'think about' what he will do, tonight he said that whatever it is might take six months or so ­ adding that it would be a matter of months-not-years-when what is needed is a decision that involves weeks-not-months. People continue to die each and every hour in his invasions (Afghanistan is also coming unraveled), yet the Decider acts as if he and he alone will decide what to do and when about these criminal conflicts that he and his masters created.

He prides himself on being "the Commander-in-Chief in a time of war." But he "OWNS Iraq," just as he so proudly claimed around the time that he declared Mission Accomplished. He broke it and now he does indeed "own it"! But he forgets that he is not a general, and because he stole both his 'elections' he's not even really the president. More to the point ­ he will not listen to the wishes of the people who voted in November, and he continues to defy any and all advice that says anything except "stay-the- course." This despite the latest MSNBC poll where 94% Say Bush misled this nation into War. He accepted Rummy's resignation, but he's not equipped to run the war himself-so who will save this situation from complete disaster-because 'the most powerful man in the world' is almost irrelevant and completely unaware of the reality of events on-the-ground in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

Moreover, the Decider "Can't handle the Truth" in any of its real-world situations. Many have wondered who will tell this variation on Nero's ghost that he's as crazy as he appears to be. I have no idea-but if one of my loved ones was on that list of those who died at Forward Base Falcon, I'd like to think that I'd be among the first in line to demand Impeachment, and not for just the Decider alone.


1) Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid: Jimmy Carter

2) Revolt, Rebellion or Revolution

3) 300+ U.S. casualties: Forward Base Falcon "Cover-up"!


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