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November 28, 2006 -- Ecuador's newly-elected President Rafael Correra is already facing U.S. and international banking syndicate Psyops designed to weaken his administration. Correa, an avowed opponent of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and other global financial elite contrivances, is already being blamed by such "news" organizations as Bloomberg for driving down Ecuador's bond prices.

Other dubious global media outlets tied to the financial elites, particularly the Washington Post and the Associated Press, are claiming that Correa will not be able to govern Ecuador since the Ecuadorian Congress is in the hands of his political opposition.

Usual suspects wasting no time in attacking and undermining Ecuador's President-elect Correa.

And in the most obvious Psyops strategy, Correa is being linked by various neo-con "think tank" and private intelligence operations in the United States to the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), the guerrilla group that has been battling the Colombian oligarchy for decades. The U.S. right has attempted to link both Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Evo Morlaes of Bolivia to the FARC.

Correa's threat to close the U.S. "drug interdiction" airbase at Manta, Ecuador has also resulted in the U.S. right accusing him of links to drug dealers. In fact, Manta is a US Special Operations "forward operating location" used to provide military assistance to oligarchies in Colombia and Peru to fight populist insurgents and right-wing paramilitaries in Bolivia and Venezuela to topple progressive governments.


November 28, 2006 -- In addition to Russian-Israeli Mafia, Litvinenko radiation poisoning now linked to Iraqi oil business and military occupation. British police have discovered traces of polonium 210, the radioactive substance sued to kill former Russian FSB and KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, in the office of wanted Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky. London sources confirmed that traces of the radioactive substance were found at 7 Down Street in London's Mayfair district, according to a report in the Guardian newspaper.

An Internet search shows that the Interpark House office building at 7 Down Street also houses the headquarters of the coal, oil, and energy hedge fund firm Starsupply Tullett Energy; offices of Metro International, the global media firm; Nichiei, Ltd., a Japanese consulting firm; and Capital Corporation plc, which owns three London casinos, Crockfords and the Colony Club in Mayfair and the Cromwell Mint in Kensington.

The Litvinenko murder grows murkier with ties discovered to Ahmad Chalabi-connected security firm.

Although British police were on guard at Berezovsky's office, the Russian-Israeli businessman who is wanted for a variety of crimes in Russia, told the Guardian, "I don't know anything about police at my office," and refused any further comment on the case. Berezovsky was a colleague of Litvinenko and were working jointly to topple the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian President has made it a hallmark of his administration to crack down on the Russian mobsters and oligarchs who looted the Soviet and Russian treasuries, consorted with Chechen terrorists and engaged in "true flag" bombings involving Chechens in Moscow and other Russian cities, and then fled to Israel.

One tycoon who did not escape Putin is former Yukos chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was jailed for tax evasion.

Scotland Yard has also found traces of polonium at an office building in London's West End that houses the business intelligence firm, Titon International Ltd., and Erinsys UK Ltd., a private military contractor that is operating in Iraq. ABC News reported that an Erinsys spokesman confirmed that Litvinenko vicited the Erinsys office on a "matter totally unrelated" to the poisoning but declined to provide any details.

WMR previously reported on Erinsys' ties to the Iraqi agent of influence Ahmad Chalabi:

October 16, 2006 -- With the Iraqi bloodbath against civilians and policemen continuing, it is interesting to note the comments made by the the Iraqi Interior Minister about the parties that he claims are principally responsible for the massacres. Jawad al-Bolani, in a Friday press conference in Baghdad, rejected neo-con Bush administration claims that most of the deaths in Iraq are caused by insurgents who infiltrated the military and police. al-Bolani laid responsibility for the deaths, including gruesome beheadings of civilians, at the feet of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA)-inspired Facilities Protection Service (FPS), an unregulated force of 150,000 foreign and Iraqi private security contractors. 14,000 of the Iraqi security personnel are from the Iraqi Free Forces, a militia loyal to neocon Iraqi shill Ahmad Chalabi. The remainder are drawn from paramilitary forces with some of the worst human rights records in the world: South Africa's apartheid regime security forces; Colombian, Salvadoran, and Chilean anti-guerrilla paramilitaries; and other special forces from the United Kingdom, United States, Israel, Nepal, Fiji, and the Philippines. Beheadings, such as those seen in Iraq, are a hallmark of the Nepalese Gurkhas, some of whom are working as private contractors in Iraq.

The chief private contractor involved in the FPS is Erinsys Ltd., which received a sole source contract from the CPA to provide security for the "oil infrastructure" in Iraq. Only in Bush's Iraq, is the oil infrastructure deserving of greater importance than the protection of human life. Erinsys is connected to Chalabi through its partnership with northern Virginia-based Nour USA Ltd., incorporated in May 2003 by Aboul Huda Farouki, a Jordanian-American who has been the recipient of a number of Department of Defense contracts. Darouki's seed money for his business, HAIFinance, originated in the 1980s from Petra International Banking Corporation, a Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) Jordanian affiliate, which was managed by Mohammed Chalabi, a nephew of Ahmad Chalabi. Erinsys Iraq's counsel is Salam Chalabi, another nephew of Ahmad Chalabi, and a business partner of Douglas Feith's Jerusalem-based law partner, Marc Zell (Feith & Zell [FANZ]).

A full circle indeed: Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Litvinenko, Ahmad Chalabi, Aboul Huda Farouki, Mohammed Chalabi, Salam Chalabi, Marc Zell, and Douglas Feith. While in exile, Ahmad Chalabi was a high-flying London resident and known as the "Savile Row Shi'ite." We can begin to see who the real perpetrators of America's disastrous decision to invade and occupy Iraq. And now the neo-cons are trying to distance themselves from their heinous actions and policies.


November 28, 2006 -- George W. Bush Library and associated "think tank" to be located in Dallas. The contest to host the George W. Bush Presidential Library and an associated think tank is down to Baylor, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Dallas. The final decision is expected by December or January. The library's fund is already drawing large million dollar donations from the Bush family's wealthy cronies.

The choice of Dallas to house the Bush II Library provides a stark reminder of the impact the Bush family has had on U.S. history over the past 45 years, Dallas is also the home of the infamous Texas School Book Depository (TBSD). The founder of the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol, David Harold Byrd, owned the TSBD when it was used as one of the snipers nests for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The Louisiana Civil Air Patrol (LCAP) figures prominently in the hit on Kennedy. The LCAP alumni include David Ferrie, Lee Harvey Oswald, James R. Bath (George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard pal and fellow AWOL truant as well as Bin Laden family agent), Charles Rogers, Barry Seal and John Liggett.

A WMR reader who is also a JFK assassination expert maintains that Rogers was one of the three tramps in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963. The researcher also claims that CIA operative Chauncey Holt (also one of the three tramps) confirmed that Rogers was one of the tramps.

George W. Bush Presidential Library to be in Dallas -- however, the fitting legacy to Bush Family crimes is the Texas School Book Depository.

Seal was a notorious CIA drug runner who was gunned down with George H. W. Bush's telephone number in the trunk of his car (George deMohrenshildt, Lee Harvey Oswald's Dallas handler upon Oswald's return from the USSR, also had George H. W. Bush's home address and phone number in his personal address book just before his suicide and 1978 Congressional testimony on his knowledge of the JFK assassination). Liggett was a Dallas mortician who was considered the best in face and head reconstruction, and was utilized to alter the true appearance of JFK after the assassination.

And the Bush connections with a Kennedy assassination do not end with November 22, 1963 in Dallas. A recent Guardian report places CIA agent David Morales -- who was posted as the Operations Chief at the CIA's JM/WAVE station and was involved in the CIA's ZF/RIFLE plot to kill Fidel Castro -- at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on June 5th, 1968. The same Morales that was part of Operation 40 and was in the TSBD according to witnesses in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. The Guardian quotes Morales as saying in 1973, "I was in Dallas when we got the son of a bitch and I was in Los Angeles when we got the little bastard." Veteran US State Department diplomat Wayne Smith, the former chief US liaison officer in Havana, said Morales told him at a Buenos Aires cocktail party in 1975 that "Kennedy [Bobby] got what was coming to him." Smith said that Morales "hated the Kennedys, blaming their lack of air support for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961."

Morales was part of the CIA's Operation 40, the program that engineered the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961. Morales' colleagues included Luis Posada Carriles (who carried out the terrorist bombing of the Barbados-Trinidad-Havana Cubana Flight 455 off the coast of Barbados in 1976) and Orlando Bosch (involved in the 1976 car bombing of former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and his American colleague on Massachusetts Avenue in the heart of Washington's Embassy Row in 1976). Both terrorist acts were signed off and approved by then-CIA Director George H. W. Bush. Another Operation 40 principal was former CIA Director and Florida Representative Porter Goss.

Morales died of a heart attack in 1978, just a few week before testifying before the House Committee on Assassinations.

The George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas will serve as a perception management center that will work in tandem with the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University to hype the "good deeds" of America's most hideous and atrocious family.


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