Saturday, December 03, 2005

Found:Blueprint for the Twin Towers

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Found: Blueprint for the Twin Towers
I've located the plan for the first floor of the Twin Towers:

Here's the plan; and here's an enlargment. If you have a way to zoom in on the blueprint, you can view the details pretty clearly (for example, Firefox has an extension that let's you zoom in).

I'm looking for a commercial building architect who can tell me if the plans show anything interesting. If so, please leave your contact info.

If this is interesting, I might be able to locate simililar plans for other floors and also the sky lobbies.

This is obviously only a first step in obtaining the blueprints. Am I on the right track?

Note: The plans came out of a book, and were slightly torn in the middle when I took them out (hence the discontinuity in the image).
posted by George Washington at 10:04 AM
COMMENT:Betcha Marvin Bush has a set too:)
posted by Tapir's Rants at 10:34 PM


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