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Voice of the WHite House

Voice of the White House December 2, 2005

TBR – December 2, 2005

“There is an email circulating with a supportive message about American service personnel now engaged in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The purpose of this is to offer support to them for their fight against evil and their determination to see this awful manifestation of a charnel house through until all of them are destroyed, physically or emotionally.

I have read this but have chosen not to post it. Why? The behavior of American military personnel in Iraq is certainly less than honorable. Planned and deliberate torture of prisoners of war, slaughter of civilians, looting, rapes, the use of Willie Peter against civilians, the killing of inconvenient foreign news people, the mass desertions in Ireland and other unpleasantries have branded the United States with the same hot iron once used on the Germans, the Japanese and, to a lesser degree, the Soviet Army.

It is painfully obvious that this country has lost, completely lost, the conflict in Iraq. There are too many highly motivated and well-armed insurgents and too few increasingly demoralized military (general officers excluded) to permit any kind of an actual victory.

In partisan warfare, the irregulars almost always have the upper hand because they can choose the time and place of their attacks and he who attempts to defend everything, defends nothing.

Vietnam was a great military and political defeat and one would think that Washington would learn from its past errors but obviously, it has not.
Every soldier, sailor, Marine or airman who dies, is wounded for life or otherwise scarred by this useless exercise in political fascism, certainly evokes pity but for those vicious swine who plotted this war and who have kept it going without any plan to end it, should be taken out and shot in batches of ten and without the benefit of clergy.

Appeals for support had been best addressed to the President (who has never attended any kind of a memorial service for a dead soldier, or the Secretary of Defense whose machine-printed letters of condolence to the grieving families have rubber-stamped signatures. The deaths and dismemberments of each and every American in Iraq and Afghanistan can be laid right at the door of the senior Bush Administration and nowhere else.

I have no problem with receiving and reading other expressions. I may disagree with some of them but certainly all have the right to express them, as I have the right to express my disagreement.

To shut ones mind to all opinions other than ones own would make me little better than a frenzied God-intoxicated evangelical ranter or someone who blindly worships George W. Bush and his unholy claque of thieves and ideologues.

I am a Republican and have been for years but the current Republican party does not represent me nor any of my friends. It has been captured by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, not to mention the vicious babblers at FOX network and when the mid terms come around next November, I and many, many of my friends and acquaintances will vote accordingly.”

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