Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Rabbi From Hell

The Rabbi From Hell

Wed Nov 02, 2005 10:09 pm
Rabbi Zakheim Used Tax Trillions to Infest us with Israeli Traitors & Troop Killers Patriots, Indict Him Next! By Cyte The rabbi from Hell Rank and file patriots in the Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA and the Pentagon are quietly investigating Israeli treason in America. They are not looking for headlines. They are not plotting a coup. They are just following the hard and slow due process of law. Different groups of traitors have been successfuly prosecuted: Pentagon employees, AIPAC leaders, Zionist lobbyists, publishers, journalists, and now a leading neocon. Since 1997, PNAC co-author Rabbi Dov Zakheim served on the Task Force on Defense Reform and as Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller of the Pentagon. Trillions of tax dollars disappeared on his watch, still no explanation. Isn't this an indictable offense? Zakheim's "reforms" meant infesting the Department of Defense with Israeli citizens who have no loyalty to America. Part of the missing 2.6 trillion dollars was given to the Israeli mob in return for terror attacks that were blamed on Arabs. This includes 9/11 and subsequent terror attacks. Some of the stolen tax funds are now being used to secretly pay Israeli contractors to ambush US troops in Iraq and also to attack Shiite and Sunni mosques and markets. The purpose is to foment civil war in Iraq and to create public anger in America that the perpetrators hope will turn into support for invading Syria and Iran. We cannot let them do that. Some of the stolen tax money is probably being used to subsidize the Zionist TV propaganda and filth industry. We need to find out exactly what Zakheim did with 2.6 trillions of our tax dollars. Rumsfeld only jokes about this unanswered question. This man stole trillions of tax dollars and used them to hurt Americans and others, and to kindle wars. This man stole our money and used it to kill us, and to stir us into killing others. Patriots, please indict him next!
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