Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Voice of the Whitehouse

The Voice of the White House
October 31, 2005: “It is not business as usual in the Monkey Palace. After a series of devastating blows to the body politic, the well-oiled Bush/Cheney Miracle Machine, Karl Rove, Prop. is grinding to a halt.
It was the Imperia; Republican Plan to take complete control of the Congress, restructure the judiciary so that its members “more accurately reflect ultra Right Wing/Christian thought (‘No filthy gay marriages, no more welfare for the stupid blacks and most of all, a halting of any abortions whatsoever’’)” and in general turn America into the military, religious and international dominating force that would guarantee a strong Republican control for the foreseeable future.
They lied with glee, tried to cut off the rights of common citizens to right the New Right, exalt the Jesus Freakos and in general make 2005 America look like a 1933 Hitlerfied Germany. Suddenly, all is becoming a collapsing empire for them. Bush lost the Blessed Harriet, Beloved Friend, as a Supreme Court nominee, and promptly went out and got a well-known anti-abortion judge to replace her, and the filthy animals are now planning a military excursion against Syria.(Set for January after much gabbling and propaganda build up in the press)
This for two reasons: Bush wants more glory, as if he hasn’t had enough lately, as a Military President and Israel, who has iron control over America’s middle east foreign policy, wants Syria out of the way…at American hands, not theirs.
Bush is so blind and so stupid that the invisible, but deadly, Neocons are able to force him and Cheney to their will. Cheney, who is not going to live a great deal longer (terrible heart condition) is obsessed at making the United States the New Roman Empire and Bush only wants to cling to the phantom of power he thinks is his birthright and will never, under any circumstances, willingly give up.
There is one word, a Greek one, that covers all of this Decline and Fall.
Hubris. Blind pride.
Nixon developed it too in his own second term and the Bush people have it with a vengeance now. Instead of regrouping, turning the Huge Lie Machine loose on compliant media and dimbulb members of the public, they will squinch their tiny eyes, stamp their feet and go right on doing their escalating damage until an outraged Congress and, public, will rise up and squash them like nocturnal cockroaches scrabbling around your kitchen floor.
As the old insurance company ad said: ‘Eventually. Why not Now?’


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