Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Letter to our Congress Critters

Tuesday, September 6, 2005
To All Members of Congress
The entire Hurricane Katrina response by FEMA is beyond an outrage. It is an atrocity. The Republicans brainwashed us with “Saddam gassed his own people”; well, George Bush drowned and starved his own people. He has turned what could have been a heroic rescue effort into a military combat operation.
remotely remind you of anything that happened, oh, say, 65 years ago???-->Why are no journalists allowed in the devastated areas, except for the official propagandist "embedded" ones? Do we even know who these "troops" are who are "stabilizing" the area after the deliberate creation of a chaotic and desperate situation by the Bush administration's lack of even basic food and water drops for more than 5 days after the hurricane? More than one witness has described soldiers with full face masks. Do we have mercenaries rounding up, terrorizing, and killing American citizens in the disaster area???
I am reading account after account of FEMA sabotaging communications, turning back caravan after caravan of search and rescue teams, doctors, law enforcement officials, towed airboats, truckloads of supplies and medicine—even the Red Cross has been denied entrance into New Orleans from Day 1 of the hurricane. Why are caregivers and rescuers being denied entry? And why are survivors being blocked from leaving the area? There are many many witness accounts of people fighting their way through toxic water, rats, filth and garbage, with lack of sanitary facilities, water, and food, to make it to the highway, only to be told at gunpoint that they couldn't leave. This is a monumentally sickening and horrific scenario.
George Bush has given every indication that he couldn’t care less about this catastrophe, that it didn’t register in his stump of a brain stem until fully FIVE DAYS had gone by after Katrina made landfall in the New Orleans area. His photo-ops were a sickening reminder that the only way to get him to engage himself in a crisis is if it can be about HIM. He actually brought a table of food to a stricken area, posed with it, and then removed it as he left! This is beyond belief but was documented by a German TV station that was reporting, at the scene.
The ensuing chaos, destruction and death brought about by his lack of provision of even basic needs has prompted anybody with the intelligence of an ant to wonder how much of this was deliberate? Is the disaster area being used simply as a military training exercise?
We The People have paid our hard-earned tax dollars in good faith that this corrupt and evil administration would provide at least basic search and rescue functions in case of disaster. Isn’t that one of the lies they spun so well when they were whoring for votes? That the Republicans were the party of “national security”?
Furthermore, it is an abomination that Halliburton/Kellogg-Brown-Root (Carlyle/Bechtel will be along shortly I am sure) have contracts to salvage the New Orleans waterfront or whatever the hell they’ve been contracted to do. This administration has turned the government into a business for their own personal monetary gain.
I DEMAND THE IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION OF THE ENTIRE BUSH ADMINISTRATION, and immediate investigation of the crimes of criminal negligence, mass murder, willful obstruction of life-saving measures on a grand scale, political favoritism, diversion of the public treasury for private gain, perjury, and engagement in war by willful lying to the American people. The safety and security of the entire nation is at risk. We The People will settle for nothing less than their complete REMOVAL as we have heard their lies and been victims of their scams and incompetence one too many times.
It also goes without saying that George Bush will NOT be conducting an investigation of himself in this matter. An independent prosecutor wil be appointed and an open investigation, along with indictments and real sentences of hard prison time wil be handed down. I would also consider it very very fitting if the highly unqualified director of FEMA, Michael Brown, who apparently has done nothing during his tenure, returned every cent of the tax dollars that he stole as salary.
Furthermore, any Congressperson who continues to support this corrupt regime will be considered complicit in their crimes and will be held fully accountable. I insist you to do your duty and represent The People in this matter. The nation can stand nothing less.
Outrageous account of sabotages of survivor efforts
The truth of what really went on in the Republican’s ugly version of “search and rescue” will come out slowly over the next days and weeks. This grim account, of foraging, banding together, and then being summarily and repeatedly thwarted and scattered, rather than rescued, by “authorities” who confiscated water and food, was written by paramedics who had been in New Orleans for a conference.


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