Friday, November 18, 2005

Intel Op Zarqari Voice Talent Issues Correction

Intel Op al-Zarqawi Voice Talent Issues Correction
Friday November 18th 2005, 2:23 pm

If after all these months of bogus terror warnings and obviously staged terror attacks, you believe Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is who the government says he is—a globe-trotting one-legged terrorist nobody ever sees—you should either stop watching Fox News or have your head examined.

I’m not in the habit of denigrating the readers of this blog—and no doubt most readers believe Abu is little more than smoke and mirrors, the closest thing to an Arab Freddy Kruger the government can contrive—but for those few who may land here to see what the other half (or other one-tenth) are writing these days (as I was in the habit of visiting the now defunct neocon Moonbat blog) and are convinced al-Zarqawi is who the neocons and the corporate media say he is, it is time to start taking your Thorazine again.

Anyway, it is demonstrative to report the latest Abu sighting, or rather the latest sighting of nonsense said to be attributed to the dead phantom:

“An audiotape in the name of al-Qaida in Iraq threatened on Friday to chop off King Abdullah II’s head and bomb more hotels and tourist sites. The speaker on the tape, identified as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, also said the group’s suicide bombers did not intend to bomb a Jordanian wedding party at an Amman hotel last week, killing about 30 people,” reports the Guardian.

Of course, since King Abdullah is probably the closest thing there is to an Arab neocon, and thus Bush and Sharon are fond of him—or at least are not interested in killing him so long as he is useful—and he rules over a police state, the chances are mighty slim that al-Zarqawi will get the chance to chop off his head. So we can discount that one as pure horse feathers, even a comedy routine. As for al-Zarqawi supposedly stating he did not intend to “bomb a Jordanian wedding party at an Amman hotel last week,” this is simply a minor adjustment of the official story since so many people have a problem with the idea that even al-Zarqawi would kill fellow Sunnis and during a wedding, a big no-no for Muslims, even a supposedly crazed one like Abu. In order to dispel any doubt, Mossad or the CIA (or the P2OG boys in the Pentagon), or a tag-team consisting of all of these, have released a nonsensical story. Of course they planned to bomb an Arab wedding. But then they take us for stupid—and unfortunately too many of us are.

“Al-Zarqawi said the bomber who detonated his explosives in the Radisson SAS hotel on Nov. 9 was targeting a hall where he claimed Israeli and American intelligence officials were meeting.”

In fact, the only officials meeting at the Radisson belonged to the Palestinian Authority and the Chinese government. In fact, all Israelis were evacuated prior to the attacks. Of course, we are now told they did not receive a forewarning, as this would not jive with the official story. So Haaretz, having jumped the gun and reporting the story soon after the bombings, flushed the original story from its website and posted a bogus bit of nonsense saying they were wrong.

On occasion, I still receive email calling me antisemitic for stating that employees of the Israel instant messaging company Odigo received warning messages prior to the nine eleven attack, a documented fact not allowed to stand in Bushzarro world.

“That bomb caused part of the roof to fall in the wedding hall.”

Or rather the bomb was planted in the space between a false ceiling and the roof, although we are assured crazed suicide bombers who mistook wedding guests for “Israeli and American intelligence officials” pulled off the nauseating event. According to the Associated (CIA Operation Mockingbird) Press, al-Zarqawi claims his suicide bombers “knew their targets with great precision” and obviously they looked like the Palestinian West Bank intelligence chief, his deputy, the Commercial attaché at the Palestinian embassy in Cairo, the brother of Palestinian Legislative Council speaker, the deputy chairman of Cairo-Amman Bank in the Palestinian territory, and three “students” who happened to be connected to the Chinese military establishment. As for Jordanian-Palestinian wedding guests and family, they always resemble Zionist intelligence agents.

“The authenticity of the audiotape, posted on an Islamic militant Web forum, could not be verified, but the voice resembled that of al-Zarqawi on previous tapes.”

In other words, the Mossad-CIA clan used the same Arab-speaking voice talent to portray Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as they have in the past, not that it particularly matters.

If we may conclude anything from this latest bit of fallacious nonsense, it is that the black op folks are growing increasingly sloppy, and are thus attempting to cover their obvious mistakes. Of course, all we need do when supposed al-Zarqawi terrorists kill innocent people is ask: who benefits?

It sure the heck isn’t the Iraqi resistance.


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