Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another False-Flag Op Falls Apart

Amman Radisson Owned by Palestinians
Tuesday November 15th 2005, 10:01 pm

“Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, whose family owns the Radisson,” explains the Arab Media Watch blog, “sent out the following press release:”

“We are the owners of Radisson SAS Jordan. As the owners we want to send deep condolences to all the staff and guests. We are deeply shocked and obviously condemn such acts. We very briefly want to set the record straight on 2 points.

Firstly, news reports have been indicating that the Radisson SAS was specifically attacked because it is an American hotel and has hosted Israelis. I want to make it clear that the Radisson SAS is a Scandinavian chain and owned by Palestinian-Jordanians.

Furthermore, the Radisson SAS owners and staff represent the strongest supporters out of all the hotels in Jordan for the Palestinian and Iraqi people. We have expressed our support throughout the decades and will continue to do so.”

You’d think al-Zarqawi’s Tanzim Qa’idat Al-Jihad fi Bilad Al-Rafidayn (Al-Qaeda Organization of Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers) would bomb a Jordanian target, not one jointly owned by Palestinians and Jordanians (recall the Israelis consider Palestinians Jordanians and vice versa). If we are to believe the propaganda dispensed by the corporate media (based on an impalpable internet message) al-Zarqawi targeted the hotels because he considered them to be “centers for launching war on Islam and support the crusaders’ presence in Iraq and the Arab peninsula and the presence of the Jews on the land of Palestine… They also were a secure place for the filthy Israeli and Western tourists to spread corruption and adultery at the expense and suffering of Moslems.”

Instead of Jews and Western tourists, the bombs killed Jordanians and Palestinians—and also the Palestinian West Bank intelligence Chief Basheer Nafe’, his deputy Abid Allouni, the Commercial Attaché at the Palestinian embassy in Cairo Jihad Fattoh, the brother of Palestinian Legislative Council speaker Rawhi Fattoh, and Mus’ab Kharma, deputy chairman of Cairo-Amman Bank in the Palestinian territory and “students” from China’s University of National Defense meeting with the Palestinians when they were killed.

The Radisson SAS was bombed by Mossad because it was considered a Palestinian target—and because blame could be pinned on the mythical al-Zarqawi. Running black ops engineered to be blamed on Arabs is the basic Israeli intelligence modus operandi (as the bombing of American and British property in Cairo and Alexandria in 1954 by Israeli military intelligence—known as the Lavon Affair, the prototype of all Israeli covert terrorism to come—was initially blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, itself an MI6-CIA penetrated organization). It is simply not credible to believe al-Zarqawi (even if he was alive) would target high-level Palestinians and their Chinese guests at a Jordanian-Palestinian owned hotel.

Only Israel stands to gain from the bombing of the Radisson SAS.


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