Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Cabal

The Cabal

Thu Nov 03, 2005 11:19 pm
Wednesday, November 02, 2005 The Cabal The "cabal", accused of "highjacking" US foreign policy, might eventually be brought to light, now that one of its chief architects, I Lewis "Scooter" Libby, is facing a public trial - so says the MSM. Oh my! Hijacking architects! That's believable, don't you think, I mean really … we've known for years Bush knew nothing of foreign policy, that he was unstable, dyslexic, overall not too bright, perhaps even … ahem … brain damaged from youthful indiscretion. So Bush, just like many other Americans, was tricked. He too was duped by advisers of an evil cabal. Does this mean we're not going to nuke Iran ? Climb aboard! The MSM train that gangbanged us at the station for 4+ years is now on track, bringing truth to light – on the "Cheney Libby Rove WHIG" neocon cabal that misled the nation. The MSM has issued humble apologies and reams of inky newspeak to now report the horrors of a misguided "administration’s behavior and policies." (It was those "administration" guys, and not necessarily Bush, for heavens sake, the man had his trust exploited!) They tell us this is bigger than Watergate! Here comes the lengthy, tedious, legal circus. (I can't wait to see GW some day walking hand in hand with President Hillary requesting donations to help the latest victims of terror.) Some bloggers now point to "neocon lefty Trotskyites in fascist disguise." Whew! It's not our Democrat and Republican party, it's infiltrating neo-trots. It was Bush's poor choice in "advisers" and we've all made poor choices haven't we? This era has been just an aberration in the nation; it's being fixed, be patient. Them wasn't us, it was a tiny little "cabal" and Fitzman smokes them out as we speak. It's Rove we're told, not Bush, but the rovian Brain that told Bush to do bad things. And maybe it will include Cheney, we know he's been portrayed as the Bush puppeteer (evil architect). MSM hasn't chewed a new one for Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Negreponte, Chertoff, etc. who I consider architects. But can't get them all I guess. There's an "eagerness to blast the Bush administration for some aspects of false prewar propaganda - while the newspaper continues to dodge its own crucial role in promoting that propaganda." Yea, that's it, the media mucked up worse than the Bush administration. The administration was simply an "aspect" in the mess. Aspects, yep, and if only MSM "had done their job" and stopped these neocon trotskis from hijacking the government … why maybe we wouldn't be in this mess. The Democrats today are demanding truth about the lies. Unable to exercise critical thinking when the time was critical, every one of them started thinking this week! Doesn't that make you feel 100 percent better? Yeehaw, the seesaw is going up for the Democrats; their turn to bring honesty and integrity back to government. Oh the Machiavellian machinations of it all. Impossible to hang those architects, those "its", cabals, neo-trots, advisers, administrationists – or hang more than the one or two handed to us with a name and face. But we'll get to push a couple of them around and teach them not to mess with our government! MSM says the administration is in trouble (at times carefully omitting the word Bush before administration) preferring to use this administration. Will Bush have his legacy salvaged, handed back, tarnished but intact? The year 2025 Wikipedia - G.W. Bush, 43rd US president, was thrust into office by a nation eager to return integrity to politics. Initially a potentially promising young man, it became obvious in his second presidential term, that he was inadequate at diplomacy and unfamiliar on foreign policy. It's believed he intended no harm, and that Mr. Bush, surrounded by evil men known as the Cabal, inadvertently launched the still ongoing DUBYA (Duped U Big Yokels Again) Wars.


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