Friday, September 21, 2007

Last of Iraqis

I have taken this from the blog 'Last of Iraqis' ... It is a blog I often read, he writes, of all things it is about his cat. A small thing, but one of the last attachments he has to his home. He is returning to Iraq from Syria. He grieves that no one will be waiting for him and his wife. There is no one for him to call to say he has arrived. He finds his cat.

...."As we entered the garden my wife called the cat and it came jumping , and it was very happy but very slim , it lost weight the poor animal , there is no one left to feed her , so we gave it sardines.I know many will think that I'm silly for what will I say next , or think that I'm not living in the real world , but this is what I feel and I need to write about it.

My wife held the cat and I hired a taxi , as we got into the taxi she started to make that sound like it was crying , it was so scared , it never left the house before , as we reached our house , my wife wanted to take it inside so that it will not run away , but "Bos Bos" was so frightened so it managed to escape from my wife , she stood on the fence and looked at us like it was saying good bye , and it went into the street , we ran after it but couldn't find it , we continued calling her for an hour while we walked in the street , we looked into the gardens of our neighbors but we couldn't find it , my wife was crying she was so sad so depressed and so was I , we felt guilty , if we have left it there she would be OK , at least it was it's home ,

I didn't know what to do , every while I go to the garden and walk in the street calling it , my wife was calling it all the time and crying.I'm so depressed I thought that when we bring the cat to our home we might have some fun and company because as I said we are almost alone in Baghdad.I know many will think I'm silly , some might say it's just a cat that escaped , big deal! but we are so emotionally attached to this cat , it means a lot to us and we have many beautiful memories with it.

I know this post is personal and more like a diary I'll continue writing about politics but I felt a need to write about it , this animal was the only creature waiting for us to get back to Baghdad , it was the only one I had in Baghdad......"

Ive read his posts about, car-bombs, curfews, lack of water, cholera, shelling, war, no electricity, fear, but it was this post about his cat, that caused me despair, anger, heartbreaking impotence...

I sometimes think everyone is over hearing of the war, my views, but if I can just make people understand that these are souls, just like us. No religion, no gender, no race. Just humans trying to survive.

This is what America has inflicted. This is their F*king democracy. I'm tired of people saying, 'Oh its the American government, not the people'.... don't say that,I can't hear those words anymore, its a cop out. The people are just as responsible! they cant hide behind ignorance. This is genocide, a crime.What does it take for people to stand up and say 'This is wrong!' If they choose to not inform themselves. Then fuck them, fuck their arrogance, their greed,fuck their fear, fuck their prejudice. May they rot in hell, like carrion.


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