Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Smell of Sulphur in Latin America

Bush doesn’t get it. The MSM doesn’t get it, and most of the people in the United States don’t get it. What it is that they all don’t “get” is that The United States of America has no friends in Latin America. We might have some good relations on some occasions depending who’s in power down there and up here in Washington, but overall they don’t like us very much. I can hardly say I blame them. We have been usurping legitimate governments in South America for our own best interests. We try to wrap it into that all encompassing theme of “Nation Building” but you and I know what it is...interference in other sovereign nations business, usually at their expense.

No the MSN is calling the protests that center on George W. Bush a confrontation between capitalism and socialism. It is no such thing. It is, for all intents and purposes a warning to the United States to stay out of Latin America. They stand under the banner of Hugo Chavez because he is one Latin American leader that stands against Bush and his vultures ready to pick the ripening fruit of successful semi-socialist Latin America. The American government wants nothing except to see every leftist government in Latin America fail, and it’s citizen’s be damned, so the we can keep an economic stranglehold over the hemisphere. It must gall Bush and his NeoCon partners no end to see Chavez sell heating oil subsidized by the Venezuelan government to his own citizens. That Hugo Chavez has done something that George W. Bush couldn’t do, and that was to bring welcome economic relief to American citizens.

It must gall Bush even more to drive into a military base in The United States and see gas stations run by The Armed Forces Exchange Service displaying the “CITGO” logo. That means that every time a solder or sailor fills up his vehicle he’s putting money in Chavez’s pockets. What should really scare Bush and Co. Is that the Venezuelan people are finally seeing their natural resources coming back to the people in the form of a vibrant economy instead of filling the pockets of the robber baron’s in The United States.

The thing that should prey the most on Bush’s drug-addled, alcohol soaked brain, is that not only Latin-Americans see Chavez as a statesman that he seems to be, but that many people in his own country who think that Hugo Chavez has the right idea. People like Chavez. When he made that remark in the United Nations the day after Bush spoke about the smell of sulphur in the air, I don’t think I was alone in agreeing with him. He called Bush “The Devil” and the devil he is. Chavez seems to enjoy prodding Bush, and I don’t blame him, after all it WAS the American government that tried to engineer a coup that backfired in their face because they didn’t take into account his popularity with his own people. A mistake Bush is prone to, for this is a man that hardly ever takes the people into account when hatching mad schemes. I guess he thought that the Venezuelan people would just follow blindly as America overthrew their leader. He must have been quite surprised to see that unlike Americans that fall for every lie his administration tells hook, line and sinker, these Latin American folks actually took back their government an re-installed their popular leader.

So now Herr Bush is in Latin America. No doubt one thing he will do is check on the Bush farmlands down there in case the family has to flee the United States as many Monarchies had to flee from Europe. I think he is also down there to try to find a friendly face, someone that he can convince of America’s good intentions toward Latin America. Thinking of that reminds me of Diogenes and his lamp.

Former Chairman of the now-defunct Liberal Party of America, Tim is a retired Army Sergeant. He currently lives in South Carolina. A regular contributor to OpEdNews, he is the author of Kimchee Kronicles and is currently at work on a new novel.


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