Thursday, March 15, 2007

As Usual,Kurt Nails it Again

Forrest Gump of Manufactured Terrorism Confesses from Gitmo Dungeon
Thursday March 15th 2007, 8:21 am

“Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has admitted responsibility for the 9/11 attacks and a catalog of other terrorist acts, according to an edited transcript of a tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,” reports CNN, reading, as usual, from a Pentagon script. “The transcript … lists operations Mohammed acknowledges responsibility for, including Richard Reid’s attempted shoe bombing of an airliner over the Atlantic, the Bali, Indonesia, nightclub bombing and the 1993 World Trade Center attack.”

“Stupid is as stupid does,” declared Forrest Gump, the mentally challenged character of Robert Zemeckis’ film by the same name, who experienced numerous historical and cultural events firsthand. In likewise fashion, we are expected to believe Khalid Sheikh Mohammed masterminded many high profile terrorist events, including financially backing his nephew Ramzi Yousef’s 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the Operation Bojinka plot, a 2002 West Coast plot to attack Los Angeles’ U.S. Bank Tower, the murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, in addition to the above enumerated.

“Mohammed takes responsibility for 29 operations, the transcript shows. Another claim is redacted from the public version. Mohammed also said he is partially responsible for an assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II while he was visiting the Philippines,” reports CNN. “Mohammed also claims responsibility for surveying the Panama Canal for an attack to destroy it and surveying suspension bridges and high-rises in New York and Chicago, Illinois, to bring them down as well.”

Sure he did, and I have suspension bridge in Chicago to sell you.

Of course, we have no evidence Mohammed exists, beyond a photo taken allegedly upon his capture in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, back in 2003. Prior to this, Pakistan’s ISI, the other half of the CIA’s project to manufacture terrorism, claimed to have killed Mohammed during a raid in Karachi which resulted in the capture of Ramzi Binalshibh, dubbed the “20th hijacker,” former roommate of Mohamed Atta, the pious Muslim who liked to drink Stoli and partake in lap dances. Apparently Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, not unlike the dimwit Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, had more than one life to live, especially when the exigencies of neocon propaganda called.

If we are to believe the official biography of Mohammed, he joined the Muslim Brotherhood at age 16 and went to the United States “for further study,” according to Wikipedia. As we know, not that we should expect CNN to tell us, the Muslim Brotherhood was long ago penetrated by British and American intelligence.

“American intelligence formed a three-way tryst with the Saudis and the Muslim Brothers, according to Robert Baer, the former case officer in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations. With the CIA’s implicit approval, the Saudi royals channeled funds to the Brothers,” writes Martin A. Lee. “There was no CIA finding, no memorandum of notification to Congress. Not a penny came out of the Treasury to fund it. All the White House had to do was give a wink and a nod to countries harboring the Brothers,” Robert Baer, a retired CIA case officer, told Lee. “Muslim Brotherhood veterans have played a prominent role during every phase of bin Laden’s terrorist odyssey [through Abdullah Azzam and the CIA-ISI funded Maktab al-Khadamat].”

In addition to fighting the CIA-ISI-Saudi Afghan jihad against the Soviets, Mohammed fought with “Muslim fighters” (intelligence operatives and their patsies) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a documented military intelligence operation under the aegis of NATO and the Pentagon (see Marina Domazetovska, writing for Aktuel Weekly, Skopje, 3 March 2002).

In addition to the Forrest Gump of terrorism, the inquisitors at Guantánamo Bay have released “transcripts” of “interviews” (no doubt after a round or two of waterboarding) with “high-value” detainees Abu Faraj al-Libi and Ramzi Bin al-Shibh, the former “al-Qaeda” middle ranker variously described as No. 3 or No. 5 in the hierarchy of al-CIA-duh (see my Rabia: Another al-Qaeda Middle Ranker). Binalshibh, as noted above, was Atta’s roomie and allegedly “wired tens of thousands of dollars to Moussaoui,” the mental deficient wannabe al-Qaedaite currently serving a life sentence at the Federal ADX Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

Finally, as the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed story makes the corporate media rounds, with the predictable sort of commentary based on little more than hearsay, innuendo, and Pentagon crib sheets, thus magnifying the spurious neocon edifice of iniquitous Muslim misanthropes who hate our “freedom” (to shop and participate in mindless consumer culture), we turn to the satirical website The Spoof: “After years of imprisonment and torture at the hands of the CIA Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has confessed to an incredible list of crimes, least of which is the sinking of the Maine in Havana harbor in 1898.”

Makes sense to me.


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