Sunday, February 18, 2007

Peace Trumps Money
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President George W. Bush himself has supplied our next reason in our growing list of reasons to elect a progressive President in 2008.

This week, George W. Bush described his political philosophy quite aptly when he said, “Money trumps peace, sometimes. In other words, commercial interests are very powerful interests throughout the world.”

Bush was speaking in the context of trying to get European countries to join in his belligerent efforts to provoke a more serious conflict with Iran. Bush was trying to describe the motives of others, but in doing so, he ended up describing his own right wing ideology.

For right wing politicians, money trumps peace. They see war as an opportunity to expand profits and influence.

Progressives believe the opposite, that peace trumps money. They believe that profit is not an adequate justification for war. Progressives believe that preserving and strengthening peace is a worthwhile investment.

We’ve seen what disasters result when we have a politician who believes that money trumps peace is given the power of the White House. Isn’t it time that we allow the other political philosophy a chance?


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