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American Caligula / Roman Emperor Caligula: HIstorical Background
BY: By: Raymond Ponziny

Date Published: Monday, January 08, 2007


May 28, 2004

"Many have noted that Bush exhibits a strange fascination with death, and like Caligula, he seems to enjoy executing people."

"Let them hate so long as they fear." - Roman emperor, Caligula

Caligula, the schizophrenic by-product of an influential Roman family grew up in a wealthy decadent world steeped in generations of treachery and political intrigue. Considered the most morally and ethically corrupt emperor ever to rule the great Roman empire 37-41 A.D. Caligula will always be distinguished in the collective memory of humanity as a murderous monster. History records an individual consumed by his lust for power and a need to satisfy aberrant sexual desires. Caligula took sadistic pleasure in exercising his judgment of life and death over other human beings, executing them slowly whenever possible. He was a powerful and dangerous psychotic with a below average intellect who believed himself to be in communication with the gods, even demanding that he be worshipped as a god. In 39 A.D. Caligula revived the Tiberius treason trials and people suspected of disloyalty were executed or driven to suicide. During his 4-year reign of terror Rome sank quickly into economic disrepair. Caligula's despotic rule ended when the Praetorians stabbed him to death as he left a theater. Since that time 1967 years ago there has not been another political leader of such perverse and incompetent stature to attain control over an empire equal to 37 A.D. Rome, that is, not until now.

“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth ...” - George W. Bush

George W. Bush, the schizophrenic by-product of an influential American family grew up in a wealthy decadent world steeped in generations of treachery and political intrigue. Considered the most morally and ethically bankrupt President ever to rule the great American empire, Bush will be distinguished prominently in the collective memory of humanity as a greedy and corrupt war monger and war profiteer. For the innocent men women and children on the receiving end of his cluster bombs and uranium-238 weapons he is thought of as a mass murderer and a war criminal. History records the behavior of a sociopath and predator, utterly lacking in empathy, concerned only with power and the satisfaction of his dark desires. He seems oblivious to the human and environmental costs of his regime, and unconcerned with the immense suffering they are causing on the planet.

Bush is a powerful and dangerous psychotic with a below average intellect who believes himself to be in communication with god, stating: "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did". Bush has instituted Military tribunals, drumhead trials, and executions, taking the position that people captured by his regime are no longer entitled to either the rights afforded prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention, or to those covering criminal defendants within the US courts. This violation of constitutional and civil rights is no great leap for a man who himself has allegedly used the FBI to drive his enemies to suicide. During Bush's despotic reign and endless terror war, America is sinking into economic disrepair. People are saying if Bush and his gang steal another election it will mean the end of democracy and the end of the American way of life. Others say it will mean the end of the middle class and the beginning of a two class society of rich and poor. And there are those who believe that what we are now witnessing is the emergence of a fascist corporate police state with aspirations of world domination.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky said, "If we are to win, it's clear we need to do more, do it louder, do it faster and do it better. And if we don't, in 2008 we will live in a country and a world far different from the one we have had and the one to which we aspire. This President is seriously undermining the rule of law, the Constitution of the United States, and precious civil liberties and doing it all in the name of patriotism." Helen Thomas called George W. Bush, "the worst president ever." Jonathan Chait ranks him "among the worst presidents in US history." Paul Berman labels him, "the worst president the US has ever had", and George A. Akerlof, 2001 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics said, "This is the worst government the US has ever had in its more than 200 years of history. It has engaged in extraordinarily irresponsible policies not only in foreign and economic but also in social and environmental policy. This is not normal government policy, this is a form of looting." Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin, US Navy, (Ret) said, "You have to look at the entire Bush Family in this context - as if the family ran a corporation called ‘Frauds-R-Us,’ George Jr.’s specialty was insurance and security fraud, Jeb’s specialty was oil and gas fraud, Neil’s specialty was real estate fraud, Prescott’s specialty was banking fraud, and George Sr.’s specialty? All of the above." Christopher Hitchens, Washington Editor for Harpers and columnist for The Nation said, “George Bush, he’s bad on drugs, he’s sick mentally and physically, if he was a dog he’d be shot. He’s a scumbag. That’s why he won’t be re-elected. He’s not morally, physically or mentally fit to be President.”

Many have noted that Bush exhibits a strange fascination with death, and like Caligula, he seems to enjoy executing people. As a boy George W. Bush had fun sticking firecrackers into frogs and blowing them up and shooting them with a BB gun. His youthful Cruelty to animals was a mere precursor to his later adult cruelty to human beings. As Governor of Texas, George W. Bush was known as the ‘Texecutioner’ setting a record in all fifty states with 152 executions, the most people ever killed by a Governor. During an interview with Talk magazine, he exhibited what could be characterized as sadistic tendencies. Writer, Tucker Carlson described Bush mimicking Karla Fay Tucker’s final pleas for her life, "Please," Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, "don't kill me." Of course her execution proceeded. Again during the 2000 presidential debates when he spoke of executing people, an odd change came over him. "The three men who murdered James Byrd, guess what's going to happen to them?” Bush paused and grinned at the camera... “They're going to be put to death,” he proclaimed with satisfaction.

As president of the United States George W. Bush is barely functional having held only nine carefully scripted press conferences as compared with Bill Clinton’s thirty-three ‘real’ press conferences by the same time in office. Bush often demonstrates serious lapses in judgment with his many Bhopals like, "As you know, these are open forums, you're able to come and listen to what I have to say." and, "You can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you want to concentrate on." When the full extent of Bush’s horrific actions in America and the world are realized he will not be remembered as a liberator or a patriot, but as a fourth generation war profiteer, a corrupt liar who started a ‘privatized’ war for oil which killed thousands of innocent men women and children.

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Perle, Wolfowitz, and Bush Sr. do not represent the American people, but a small circle of corporations and military industrialists concerned only with the accumulation of power and wealth at any cost. George Jr. the willing puppet and participant in the scheme is not only motivated by greed, but some very strange sexual needs as well. Certainly if there is any truth to the information on the internet concerning rape, and homosexuality, he is far from being the 'good Christian man' portrayed by the corporate media. Strip away the tissue thin veneer, which his handlers have worked so very hard to create and we see that Bush, like Caligula, was also a tragically corrupt and incompetent sexual predator, and during his reign of ‘terror’ America is sinking quickly toward its economic demise.

Though He was born into a life of wealth and privilege Bush’s introduction into the super secret super decadent society of the ruling rich and his first alleged homosexual experiences probably began in 1968 while he was a student at Yale University. In her book 'Secrets of the Tomb---Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power,’ Alexandra Robbins describes how Skull & Bones initiates were selected from American aristocracy to be pushed to the heights of power in a globalist empire. Initiates took part in satanic rituals in a windowless building at Yale University, known as ‘The Tomb’. As part of the initiation ritual, new members engaged in homosexual acts in a coffin while divulging secrets about their sex lives and other personal information. From that day forward the acts committed by the initiate and their confession were used as a means of control, and it formed a dark bond among the inner circle members of the Skull & Bones Order.

Legal activist Sherman Skolnick, Chairman of the Citizens' Committee to Clean up the Courts, reported that suppressed stories and photos are being used by various nations to blackmail the Bush administration. One picture allegedly shows George W. Bush in the Skull & Bones Society satanic ritual coffin engaging in homosexual acts with his reputed male sex-mate. Another photo reveals a drunken George W. Bush dancing naked on top of a tavern bar. According to Mr. Skolnick The reputed Bush male sex-mate details have seriously compromised the Bush regime, enabling other countries to obtain U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets in return for media silence. Reporters with the British Broadcasting Company, BBC, and Canadian Broadcasting Company, CBC, have on their own verified and corroborated the information uncovered by Mr. Skolnick. In an attempt to silence the story the FBI and Justice Department are using all means necessary to spy on both foreign and domestic reporters and forcibly stop the publishing and electronic transmission of any stories or pictures relating to George W. Bush in a Skull & Bones Society satanic ritual coffin engaging in homosexual acts.

Years After Skull and bones, and the Harken Energy Corp dealings, and the stadium built with taxpayer money, and his selection in the1994 Texas Governors race, we get another glimpse of George W. Bush’s Caligula like world. On October 26, 2000 the attempted abduction of pretty young married black 37 year old Margie Schoedinger took place at her residence. It was one of many nights of endless unspeakable torment that Mrs. Schoedinger and her husband had endured, but on this particular evening, in a cry for help she resisted her abductors. When the Texas Sugar land police arrived they treated the three intruders with deference and respect. No incident report was taken and the three men were allowed to leave while Mrs. Schoedinger was questioned at length.

Margie Schoedinger’ had once dated George W. Bush when she was a minor, and this had been her unfortunate connection to him. According to her Petition, George Jr. had her watched continuously and frequently used her for aberrant sex. After filing a lawsuit against Bush and the FBI on October 26, 2000, the harassment by law enforcement of Mrs. Schoedinger’s family and friends became intolerable. Fearfully she withdrew the suit, but the harassment continued. Out of desperation Mrs. Schoedinger wrote letters to the FBI begging them for help, but her pleas were only passed along to Bush.

In a subsequent conversation Mrs. Schoedinger had with Bush and people from his gang she was told that the harassment by the FBI and local police would continue and that her only way out would be to commit suicide, which Bush recommended. He informed Mrs. Schoedinger that her entire background had been destroyed. She would never have a clean credit record again, her husband would never be able to find work again, Her Graduate Degree had been revoked and any degree she might earn in the future would be revoked.

They told her that: she would be placed on an AIDs watch list for the rest of her life, she would be watched by the CIA, and harassed by the Secret Service. They said she would be placed on the National Security Agency’s Photo Array to be considered as a possible suspect in any crime, and they said her home was under constant surveillance and the images would be put on the internet and made available to prison web sites, military web sites, and any internet location that could possibly cause her to be harmed.

Mrs. Schoedinger begged Bush to have mercy and let her pursue a degree and start her life over. Desperately she tried to assure him that she would never mention his name again and that nobody would believe her even if she did. She soon got his answer, her bank account was expunged, her husband dismissed from his job, and she was again raped and savagely beaten resulting in a miscarriage. Upon her arrival at the hospital FBI agents were waiting with more threats and intimidation. Mrs. Schoedinger left the hospital prematurely with no certainty that doctors had collected the pathology of her dead child.

In an ominous final conversation Mrs. Schoedinger had with Bush, he took full responsibility for the actions being carried out against her. She was told again that committing suicide would be her best option, and it was his opinion that she was essentially dead anyway. Although Mrs. Schoedinger and her husband had been drugged each time she had been gang raped, Bush revealed that he and the FBI agents were very concerned that she might actually remember the individual sex crimes that they had committed against her.

On Monday September 22, 2003, nine months after Margie Schoedinger filed case, #22127, against George W. Bush in the County Civil Court of Fort Bend County, Texas, for both physical and punitive damages, she was found dead in her home of a "gunshot wound to head". 38 year old Margie D. Schoedinger had died of an apparent "suicide", according to the Harris County Medical Examiner's office, but those familiar with CIA / Mafia lingo know that "suicide" also means "murder."


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