Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Green Zone Follies December 10, 2006

Baghdad – December 10, 2006

“Rumsfeld was here to say a fond farewell to his beloved troops. A number of senior officers seriously were discussing offing him but the majority ruled and he was left to escape back to DC in one piece, unlike so many GIs who go home in bits and pieces in rubber bags.

Part of my job is to read the U.S. media online and make up daily news bulletins. It is truly astonishing how little they actually tell folks stateside. Of course the media are well aware at home about the increasing violence and sudden death here, violence that grows steadily from day to day. I see utter silence in the States while we have to put up with shaped charges blowing up entire convoys or individual vehicles, turning the human contents into shredded tuna fish but nothing is commented on.

Every day, and well into the night, we hear loud explosions as another car blows up in front of a crowded mosque, scattering body parts all over the walls and sidewalks. Again, no comment in the U.S. press. There is nothing anywhere on the internet about the Falcon Base disaster and never has been and the rag heads have been mortaring our bases and inflicting casualties on a daily basis but again, no mention of this. Either our brave journalists are stupid beyond belief or acting on orders not to make waves for the pathetic Bush and equally pathetic Cheney.

A bird colonel said at the mess this morning, discussing both Cheney and the coming dismal holidays: “Cheney should give thanks for the turkey baster. If it weren’t for this, he could never become a grandfather.” This is not nice but damned funny. Just like a photograph of little Iraqi boys playing soccer with a GI’s severed and still bleeding head or a pack of dogs fighting over a leg with an Army boot still on the foot. You can get used to anything but if the American public ever saw what I see, they would throw up for hours and then go for Bush with farming tools. I wonder if the nasty Bush will fly in to carry a plastic turkey around this year? Last year, he flew in a plane full of DC GI’s to surround him with smiles, pretending to be awed veterans of the Great Baghdad Slaughter. Merry Christmas, sheep!”


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