Monday, November 13, 2006

Voice of the White House November 9, 2006
TBR – November 9, 2006

“ My brother-in-law is a professional military officer, stationed in the Washington area and from him I learned over lunch today that Israel has finally determined to launch what they consider to be a pre-emptive military strike against Iran’s capacity to manufacture and, most especially, to deliver an atomic weapon against Israel.

I was told that Israel is desolated by the neutering of Bush’s ability to support this attack.

Congress is now seen as a block to Bush’s militant plans and so the decision is being formulated not only in Tel Aviv but also in Washington to “materially assist” an Israeli attack with satellite intelligence, very sophisticated weaponry and high level intelligence sharing.

American troops are not to be involved but Bush and Cheney are planning to do everything possible to “actively support” this action.

This sort of story has been circulating around the corridors of power here for years but now, I am firmly assured, it appears to be reality. Israel attacked once before on this sort of provocation and is now going to do it again. We have agreed to supply certain tactical nuclear rocketry capable of being launched from aircraft that have a miniature atomic warhead, capable of extensive localized damage.

Since Israel is in no position to launch a ground invasion, the aim is to so disrupt both the government in Tehran and the suspected areas where any possible missiles could be launched against Tel Aviv in the possibility of an Iranian attack against Israel when a fanatic supporter of Israeli ambitions like Bush is not in office.

In spite of his loss of Congressional power, Bush can still back such a move and nothing Congress can do could stop him.

Bush is livid with rage with the outcome of the midterms. He had to fire Rumsfeld and is desperate to pass the wiretap bill that would keep him from any legal problems. He also wants the odious bully, Bolton, to stay on as UN Ambassador but it is very doubtful if he can achieve either goal.

Whatever else he might be, Bush is petty, mean and terribly vindictive so his gleeful support of an Israeli hit is entirely within the scope of his bitter and vengeful personality.

Since the U.S. is not technically involved (weapons shipments to Israel would be classified as Top Secret and any information them would not be available to a hostile Congress) he sees a chance to give the finger to anyone and everyone who has challenged his fragile manhood.

The only riposte to this would be if Iran struck first. If they did, one would hope they nuked Tel Aviv and not Jerusalem. There are too many historical and valuable buildings in the latter and a fried Knesset would materially benefit the rest of the world.


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