Sunday, April 09, 2006

part II
I hear the roar of a big machine. Two worlds and in between. Love lost, fire at will, Dum-dum bullets and shoot to kill, I hear Dive, bombers and.. Empire down.
- Sisters of Mercy
Before I launch into my desperate cry for cooler heads to prevail, I ask that you read the following articles. The first is written by Joesph Cirincione of the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace. Here's the link: The second I found on Yahoo News. Here's that link: And the third is by Seymour Hersh, writer for the New Yorker magazine. Here's that link:
Did you read them? Cuz I don't want you to think I just pulled this shit outta my ass. This is serious, and I'm not just crying wolf or reaffixing my tin foil hat upon my head. George W. Bu$h is going to attack Iran with NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Probably sometime AFTER the November elections. Maybe six months or so before the 2008 presidential election so he can declare that it's too dangerous to have a change of guard, suspend the consitution and cancel the elections. Ask yourself, do these guys look/sound like they have ANY intention of leaving in 2008? Bu$h and the entire republican house spit in our faces everyday. They ADMIT to breaking the law and refuse to apologize for it. They have us by the proverbial ball sack. And we are at their mercy.
WHAT THE FUCK???!!! We're going to NUKE another country? This is beyond my personal comprehension. I want to shake my head really hard so my brain rattles around inside my skull. Maybe this will clear my thought processes and allow me to see the SENSE in such a clearly inconceivable decision. Will Americans rush to support this cabal after we NUKE Iran? Will we lay prostrate at Bu$h's feet again, declaring "unpatriotic" those of us who have a HUGE problem with NUKING another country? I have a strange feeling that we will. This country has no backbone whatsoever. We are seemingly uncapable of standing up and screaming "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY YOU SONSOFBITCHES!!!" If (when) we do NUKE Iran, it will be time for the American people to take up arms and reclaim what has been ripped from our grip....our country, our Constitution and our LIVES. Goddamnit, if we don't this country, as we know it, is gone. We had a revolution 200 some years ago and, unfortunately, it looks like we may be in need of another one. But that discussion is for a later date. Right now, I'm focusing all my energies on this imminent NUCLEAR attack against Iran. I think I'm going to vomit.
Any reich-winger who STILL claims this man is keeping us safe is completely insane. How will an unwarranted NUCLEAR attack upon Iran make us safer? Cuz they MAY have nuclear weapons ten years down the road? And how many are they gonna have, one? Ooooohhhhh. Big damn deal. We have 1,500 nuclear weapons and Bu$h just decided to restart our nuclear weapon building program which will produce 150 MORE nukes every year by 2022. Do you really think Iran would be so stupid as to fire a nuclear weapon at us? We are ARMED TO THE GODDAMN TEETH!!! Iran would be eliminated from the face of the earth in 15 minutes. Let's think rationally here. Is a country that is GUARANTEED complete destruction going to launch one lonely nuke in our direction? Even the madest of the madmen wouldn't do that.
So who else could we possibly be concerned for? Let's think. What other country are we always getting ourselves in some shitty mess for? What other country are we ALWAYS sticking our nose where it doesn't belong in order to protect? If you guessed Israel, you got it right. If Israel wants Iran eliminated so badly, let them do it themselves. For christs sake, are we Isreal's bully for hire? It sure seems that way, doesnt it? We PERMIT Israel to have nuclear weapons. In fact, we more than likely sold them to Israel. They're on the list of countries we "allow" to have nuclear weapons because Israel is perfectly stable and I'm SURE they would NEVER consider using them. Bullshit.!!! That whole area of the world is fucking disaster. And the one country causing all the uproar is Israel, armed with nuclear waepons and not afraid to use them. Does Israel actually believe that dropping NUCLEAR FUCKING WEAPONS on IRAN is going to make them safer? Or that it's going to solve one of their NUMEROUS problems?? Oh my god, what are we doing here, people? WHAT ARE WE DOING!!??
If Israel wants Iran nuked, nuke em yourself. Why should my ass be out on the line for Israel? I'm getting tired of this shit. I didn't go to the police academy and I don't appreciate the American people being USED as the worlds damn police force! Don't we have our OWN problems here within our OWN borders that need to be taken care of? The way these republican$ are spending money, you'd think every American citizen was employed, made millions of dollars a year and lived in a mansion. You'd think the debt WASN'T $9 TRILLION dollars. What could we have accomplished here in THIS country with the $400 BILLION we've already spent in Iraq? It sickens me. It physically sickens me.
Cirnicione mentions in his article that Iran would unleash their terrorist organizations upon us here if (when) we NUKE them. Great. Now I have to risk MY ASS over some shit these apparent maniacs in our government have gotten us in to. THEY don't have to worry. They live behind walls, have secret bomb-proof bunkers, drive bullet proof cars and have bodyguards. What do WE have? NOTHING. Is my Honda impervious to explosions or bullets? Nope. And I doubt your car is either. This is what they do to us. They start shit then they run and hide behind their protetive bunkers and leave the rest of us standing out in the open like deer. If you were worried about terrorist attacks BEFORE, you might as well find yourself a cozy hole in the ground waaaay out in the middle of a vast field somewhere and remain there, for YEARS, after this shit goes down. I know for a fact that my bunker of secular utopia is ONLY impervious to an all out christo-fascist attack. Certainly not an attack by Hezbollah or some other terrorist organization. All that work for naught.
I swear, if (when) we NUKE Iran, if I don't see the streets of this country swelled with hummanity, my head is going to explode. It's gonna spin around on my shoulders and blow off. I'm really gonna lose it. Think I'm angry NOW?? Holy shit, I can't even imagine. My blood pressure will be off the damn chart. If THIS doesn't get you lazy, apathetic bastards off your asses, NOTHING will. You don't deserve to live in my country.
As I've mentioned NUMEROUS times, I have NO RESPECT for anyone who is still a supporter of this president. They have ruined my country. Ruined it. If there was a way that I could get hold of the names and addresses of every single neo-con in this country and give it to the Iranians, I would. Let the supporters of this manic die in the resulting terrorist onslaught this NUCLEAR attack will bring. Why should I (or you!) suffer for their unbelievable ignorance. But this little feat is beyond my capabilities, so I guess ALL our heads are on the chopping block in this one. But then again, mine will blow off in anger. I guess I'll get off easy.
**As a side note, thank you for all the kind comments. And not ONE piece of reich wing incomprehensible drivel. I guess I'll keep on ranting and fighting the power. As Eminem says "My words are my weapons." I will leave the comment section open for the time being. Or until the reich discovers it and floods my inbox with their shit. Thanks again!


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