Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Universe is a Laughing Woman

The universe
is a laughing woman

Our planet has become a toxic landfill
because men's rituals obscure reality

By John Kaminski

for Barbra-renée Brighenti

"... the wisest and best men are those who are ashamed."
— Edward Dahlberg

When you glance at a distant light in the sky, all you see is a little
blur. As you get closer, via telescope or spaceship, more definition
comes into focus, and you begin to see more detail. Should your vision
approach the object closely enough, what began as a little sparkle in
the dark suddenly becomes an incredibly dazzling infinity far beyond
our limited mortal comprehension. Just take a close look at the Sun
sometime, or perhaps the baby star factory in the sword of Orion, and
speculate on whether any of these glorious objects might actually be
alive, as Rudolf Steiner once insisted.

Not so coincidentally, the concept of monotheism envelops us in a glare
of the same blinding radiance. Nothing is possible beyond God, so many
people say. Looking at the light of God from afar, we see only a
beautiful, inspiring star. Everyone sees it, regardless of their
religious training. As we get more familiar with it, we see the
blemishes and corruptions of mortal men pretending to be immortal, but
we still don't lose our faith that there is still someone to talk to in
situations of dire stress or grief.

However, in our zeal for fusion with the infinite and everlasting, we
fail to see the bleeding that is actually caused by adherence to such
systems, which are polluted by false claims owing to the existential
necessity of producing an antidote to human mortality, claims which of
course are empirically false on their face. These false claims are
directly related to all the false wars which plague us today.

And the idea is central to comprehending the collective cognitive
information gap that exists in our world today, a gap which skews all
information in favor of salesmen rather than the gullible consumer who
is about to be fleeced. And thus it has always been. Mercury, the god
of communication, has always worked for the highest bidder. One
person's scam is another's vocation.

Consider the gap between what happened on September 11, 2001 and what
the world now accepts as having happened.

When you do that, at least two thought processes occur: You contemplate
all the carnage that has been perpetrated in the name of 9/11 since
9/11, and if you look closely enough — Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, Lusitania
— you see a profoundly daunting, 200-year panorama of the fierce
capitalist beast ravaging the planet and then telling brittle tales of
heroism to the licentious toadies back home.

What is the 9/11 gap, exactly?

White-haired theology professor David Ray Griffin, as respectable a man
as corrupt American society can currently produce, said the other day
at a church in New York City that the controlled demolition of the
World Trade Center "can now be proved beyond a reasonable doubt" (which
of course was obvious to many of us three years ago).

Yet the official fare of world TV and corporate shill newspapers
remains that Arab terrorists did the vile deed. It's the corporate
party line, part of the social conditioning that keeps the masses
prepped for war and willing to sacrifice their children for the lies of
their leaders.

And most of us are lost in that distorted fog of cognitive dissonance,
hammered down by Dubya's repetition of "I have to keep repeating the
same stuff so we can make the propaganda sink in."

Mass media regards their readers as malleable robotoids, and makes no
pretense they are going to change their ways. This, too, directly
relates to false claims for false wars, the vicious prevarications of
Judith Miller and thousands of other intellectual prostitutes
deliberately misleading their listeners into unquestioning support of
mass murder on a grand scale.

On one side of the gap are the cynical lies of Dick Cheney and his
personal business contacts about Arab hijackers and the
CIA/Mossad-sponsored Iraqi resistance. On the other side is the human
reality of dead mothers, deformed babies, and a 9/11 story that is
totally false, because in fact the highest movers and shakers in the
American, British and Israeli governments engineered 9/11 and all those
other false flag terror operations around the world

Stuck in the middle, the human species remains trapped — buffeted,
fleeced and in many cases murdered — in the psychological penumbra of a
consensual reality that simply does not match up with the real
emotional reality of our beloved world, the reality you feel when you
nurse your child.

We are forced to believe lies, and then asked to make decisions about
life and death based upon those lies. Not a productive way to run a

This gray area — this perceptual gap — that keeps human society in the
dark — especially those intellectuals who think they actually know
what’s happening, but don’t .... this fundamental distortion of what
they say happened against what actually did happen is exactly what is
poisoning all of us.

Put more simply, failure to tell the truth results in a lie. And the
human race is living a lie, for failing to see what real life is all
about. What we agree makes us human is our compassion for other beings
less fortunate, and a willingness to lend a hand. Yet poverty makes
criminals of us all, and those who exploit sit back and become
profitable puppeteers. It’s all a lie. Human reality is looking your
father in the eye and realizing he will never go where you will go. So
why would you participate in the killing of his other sons?

Cindy Sheehan’s son died for nothing, he died for a lie. And yet even
if you are a so-called antiwar activist, you support that lie by not
overthrowing your own criminal government which is solely responsible
for so much heartache in the world — and doing so immediately. As long
as you don’t do that, you are complicit in these crimes, and become the
very reason why they are happening.

Because you didn’t do anything about it.

Zeus and the Goddess

The Goddess has no name we know not given to her by men. Athena was not
the real goddess because she had been created by the mind of man. In
Euripides’ words, “Athena sprung fully formed from the brain of Zeus.”
So too the women of today have been masculinized — consumerized — by
the warped strictures of men controlling commodities, of which human
females are clearly the most valuable. (Study the Tenth Commandment.)

One day as a child, Zeus met the real Goddess and never forgot her. In
fact deep in Robert Graves’ “Greek Myths” you find Zeus spent the rest
of his endless life hopelessly searching for her, never to find her
again. Blessed are those who are not that unlucky.

And who learn that the power of the home that shapes us all is not who
or what we presumed it to be.

The world runs because of the power of women, the automatic, unceasing,
instinctual caring for her brood. It has been the same way throughout
evolution, with Mother Nature and Father Sun providing every single
ingredient for humans to grow into the wondrous beings that can see to
the end of the universe and care for a small child at the same time.

The mother’s force is what what carries the world. All that endless
work behind the scenes, without pay, without acknowledgment, and all
those children sent out into the world wrapped in love. No wonder that
most kids can see the real deal automatically; they see it with their
hearts, most of which have been recently puffed up when Mom lovingly
tucked that scarf snugly into some small collar, or gave the last ounce
of rice in the hut to her starving son.

Women have been evicted from the heart of man and turned into
commodities, even though men spend their lives insisting they live for
their women. How does it come to be, if that is the case, that human
females have been wrapped in men’s mental razor wire throughout

Women have been forced out of the home and into the cutthroat world of
men where there is an automatic hazard waiting for them. Like wolves on
a ledge over a well-traveled riding trail, there are things in the
world that threaten our survival. Mostly they are lies told by people
to make money. Society is boobytrapped with self-interest groups which
believe everything is justified to further their cause. When this rule
is in effect, no rational debate is possible until the corrupt
rationales of the self-interest groups are adequately identified.

I guess it’s a matter of this. People get away with stuff out in the
world that their mothers would never permit them to do as children. How
did that come to be, and why do we let the world run this way?

We live in a world today in which the motivational factors of social
groups are increasingly irrelevant. Accidents of geography and genetics
are being erased by the universal ubiquity of the Internet, and web
surfing observers in Zambia are suddenly finding they have a better
view of the world than truculent techies in downtown San Francisco.

Ironic that the information explosion caused by the Internet started in
America and has greatly expanded the education of the world world, yet
the whole world now knows far more about America than Americans do, and
the picture isn't pretty. Its senseless fangs are now revealed for all
to see.

Do you really know what your country has done, and is doing? Then
you’re an accomplice.

Why do people do these things? What is it they are afraid of? Would you
do what they do? Have you done what they’ve done?

The rhythm of the stars

The major dichotomy in all religions at all times is our need to
believe vs. what to believe in.

This subtle distinction also pertains to the gap between what the big
newspapers print as fact and what we know to be true that they refuse
to report — like the 38 Israeli investors who profited from 9/11
foreknowledge or the mysterious man who blew himself up recently, very
near a large football stadium full of people in Oklahoma, and
practically nothing was said in the aboveground media. Such a great
silence tends to envelop all recent catastrophic events. The Zionist
spin control mechanism is much more pervasive than most people realize
(since it starts in first grade and has been put in place in most of
the world).

The minute organized religions start inventing fictions to justify
their control over the minds of the human population is when humans
lose track of their true purpose, which is to evolve, develop, and
nurture every single thing they come in contact with. And above all, do
no harm.

But the wrathful Father in the musty books has His rules. Where he got
them, only God knows. This twisted Jehovah once threatened the
legendary David (a character who most definitely does not exist in
empirical history) with having all of David’s many “wives” raped in
front of him because Yahweh didn’t like David’s attitude.

What the human species has done to its women it has done to its planet
— fouled its own nest.

After all, as I have recently learned, love is about surrender, not

It’s only because men continue to be terrified of their own deaths that
they invent all these magical strategies for mortality immunization.
And that’s all a lie.

Remember Becker. “Man is a frightened animal who must lie in order to

Monotheism sits like a black cloud over human intelligence, retarding
scientific education with demonstrably false dogma that it waves over
the heads of humanity like the heartless hammer it is. See it my way or
you will fry in the lake of fire, prattles the preacher.

Soon to follow (in every case) is the not-so-subtle urging, “Kill the
infidel, kill the Amalek, kill the heathen .... kill everyone who is
not like us.” This is your God.

None for me, thanks.

Here’s the deal, my fellow humans. Mom doesn’t condone this kind of
behavior. If you are practicing it, you are lost, no matter how many
peripatetic pedigrees your deity claims to possess.

You are lost because you have lost the love of your mother, that kept
you alive and thriving all these millennia.

You have lost the love of Mother Earth, because you have not cared for
her. In case you were wondering, she doles out the air you breathe, the
water you drink, and the life you live.

Why would you pretend to protect her, but then abuse her?

It’s because you don’t understand.

Why don’t you understand?

It’s because you’ve forgotten who you are, and the human race is
trapped in an illusion of its own making, crafted out of fear of a
darkness it cannot — and most probably will never — comprehend.

But mothers know of cycles; in fact, they are a cycle. With the rhythm
of the stars pulsing in their bloodstream like the throbbing veins in a
newborn baby’s bald head, there is no question about priorities, and
certainly none about geopolitical intrigues.

The human species is about to kill itself by failing to recognize its
connection to everything else. By dividing humanity into competing
segments all trumpeting their own ignorance, it has conquered itself
with its own fear.

Your mother would not have permitted this, as you know.

What is your idea of peace and prosperity? A gaggle of happy children
works for me.

What is it we seek in our most vulnerable, inmost hearts?

This is my prescription for the future direction the human species
should take, voluntarily. Make and plan and follow it.

What is the goal?

To make laughter reign beyond the Sun for as long as the future shall

To make Earth and its human tenders a beacon of hope, compassion and
friendliness that will become known throughout the universe as a place
where justice and fairness are guaranteed to all (not just the rich,
like it is now), no matter what star system beings come from.

Is that possible? Well, it’s up to you, isn’t it?

It’s only what a mother wants, right ma?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose
essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world. His booklet,
“The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn’t Believe the Official Story of
What Happened on September 11, 2001,” is his bestseller. For more
information go to


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